Daily Vocabulary: 9th September 2019


To strengthen the crust and core of your English language what you need is new and effective words added to your dictionary every day. This is a tedious task if you sit with the dictionary every day. Adda247 brings to you a compact way of learning constantly and efficiently. This is today’s Vocabulary for the aspirants who are preparing for the various banking examinations. SBI Clerk, LIC ADOIBPS RRB, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk are some of the upcoming examinations which can be prepared with the aid of daily Vocabulary. Vocab will help you excel not just in the examinations but will help you sail through the Interview round of the examinations you are preparing for. The words you choose will accelerate you in the correct path towards success and we hope that this article serves the purpose. Here is the vocabulary for 9th September 2019.


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Meaning: the process of reducing something’s strength or effectiveness through sustained attack or pressure.

Synonyms: erosion, abrasion, attenuation

Antonyms: strengthening

Usage: As a result of teacher attrition, a lot of classrooms are overcrowded.

Interdict (Noun)

Meaning: an authoritative prohibition, in particular

Synonym: prohibition, ban, bar, veto, proscription,

Antonym: corroborate, support

Usage: Because I failed most of my classes last term, my parents will probably interdict me from working this semester.

Naught: (noun)

Meaning: the numerical symbol 0 or the absence of number or quantity represented by it

Synonyms: aught, cipher, goose egg, nil, nothing, o, oh, zero, zilch, zip

Usage: The pleas for peace have been for naught as the war has been going on for over five years.


Meaning: To make worse or increase the severity of

Synonyms: Aggravate, Annoy

Antonyms: Calm, Soothe

Usage: The doctor told me not to run as it can exacerbate my knee injury.


Meaning: A desolate place is empty and not attractive, with no people or nothing pleasant in it

Synonyms: Gloomy, dull

Antonyms: Cheerful, Happy

Usage: The house stood in a bleak and desolate landscape.


Meaning: To take notice of and consider something, especially when judging

Synonyms: Awareness, Familiarity

Antonyms: Unfamiliar, Ignorance

Usage: The lawyer asked the jury to take cognizance of the defendant’s generosity in giving to charity.

SIEGE (Noun)

Meaning: a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling those inside to surrender.

Synonyms: blockade, barricade, restriction

Antonyms: clearance, opening

Usage: During the siege of the village, the villagers were forced to give up their property.

STENTORIAN (adjective) 

Meaning: (of a person’s voice) loud and powerful.

Synonyms: booming, clangorous, piercing, roaring.

Antonyms: soothing, muffled, muted, softened.

Usage: When my father speaks in a stentorian voice, I know I’m in trouble.

FARRAGO (noun)

Meaning: a confused mixture.

Synonyms: mishmash, jumble, hodgepodge, turmoil.

Antonyms: constituent, ravel, sequence, categorization.

Usage: The present gun law is a farrago of nonsense as most of it is unenforceable.

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