Daily Vocabulary Word 30th May 2020- Daily Use Words

Learn new words with us daily. These words are helpful for upcoming exams like SBI PO Prelims, SBI Clerk Mains, and other exams.

Scoff (Verb): व्यंग्य
Meaning: speak to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way.
Synonyms: mock, deride, ridicule
Antonyms: flatter, praise, compliment
Example: The rude little rich girl thought it was fun to scoff at the poor children at her school.

Enchant (verb) : प्रसन्न करना
Meaning: fill (someone) with great delight; charm.
Synonyms: bewitch, captivate, carry away, charm
Antonyms: annoy, bore, depress
Example: Her singing especially seemed to enchant and fascinate the girl.

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Coup (Noun): विजय
Meaning: an instance of successfully achieving something difficult.
Synonyms: success, triumph, feat,
Antonyms: failure
Example: There have been seven coup attempts against the beleaguered government.

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Hoard (Noun): इकट्ठा करना
Meaning: to stockpile or store things excessively
Synonyms: accumulation, heap
Antonyms: debt, need
Example: The shopaholic likes to hoard clothing and has filled three closets with dresses and shoes that she doesn’t need.

Obscene (Adjective) :नृशंस
Meaning: offending against moral principles; repugnant.
Synonyms: shocking, scandalous, vile, foul, atrocious, outrageous
Antonyms: clean, decent, gentle, magnificent
Example: The salaries some company directors earn are obscene.

Exotic (adjective) : विदेशी
Meaning: originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country.
Synonym: foreign, non-native
Antonym: native, familiar
Example: It gave me the notion of an exotic Immensity ruled by an august Benevolence.

Surreptitiously (adverb) : चुपके से
Meaning: in a way that attempts to avoid notice or attention; secretively.
Synonym: restricted, hidden
Antonym: open, overt]
Example: Surreptitiously Naomi pinched her hip till it felt black and blue.

Hapless (Adjective): अभागी
Meaning: (especially of a person) unfortunate.
Synonyms: unfortunate, unlucky
Antonyms: fortunate, lucky
Example: When Jason lost his wife and job on the same day, he knew he was a hapless soul.

Plummet (Verb) : गिरना या गिराना
Meaning: fall or drop straight down at high speed.
Synonyms: plunge, drop, crush, decline
Antonyms: ascend, increase
Example: Experts predicted compact disc sales would plummet when the ability to download music became available.

Vitriolic (Adjective) : कटु
Meaning: filled with bitter criticism or malice.
Synonyms: acrimonious, rancorous, bitter, caustic, mordant
Antonyms: pleasant, kind
Example: The newspaper launched a vitriolic attack on the president.

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