Detailed Analysis: Should IBPS Conduct RRB Exams in September?

Most of the aspirants, who have filled the form of IBPS RRB recruitment, they are now wondering whether IBPS should conduct the exam or not. Recently, we conducted a survey among students to know their point of the view which we can put across to IBPS as well.

Here are the results of the survey –

Arguments in favor of conducting the exam

1.Youth is unemployed. They need a Job.

Job is one of the biggest problem faced by our youth in India. If, exams are not conducted on time, it will lead to more unemployment. So, it is important that these exams happen on this and recruitment process does not stop.

2. Age Limit Issue

If exams are not conducted and it keeps on getting delayed, then many aspirants will lose out as they will cross the max age group bracket. 

3. Preparation will go wasted and might demotivate aspirants 

Sam says, “In my opinion exam should happen on time as aspirants those are preparing for so long for months and months should get that platform to showcase their preparation and any delay in examination can become difficult for them to retain what they studied for so long so exam had to happen at any cost.”

4. Aakhir kab tak postpone karenge

We really dont know how soon the corona situation is going to improve. So, how long we will keep on postponing it. We should immediately conduct exams and move on.

Arguments in favor of NOT Conducting the exam 

1.Huge risk of Covid Spread

Covid is spreading very fast in India 70,000-80,000 fresh cases are coming up every day in India. It may be really risky to conduct an exam in such an environment as it might bring health hazards to thousands of aspirants.

Geetanjali Joshi says “We want a safe life and at the same time, I also want a dream job. But there is no arrangement for safety. The examination center from my home is 365 kilometers. This time very difficult to go to one place to another. No travel facility. All trains are stopped only a few local buses are moving one place to another. No living facility. If I book any vehicle from home to examination center so one side charge is a minimum 10,000. When I think all about this, then my mind is not working. I am very Depressed what should I do?”

2. Interstate transportation problem

Many candidates have filled forms from other states and they are supposed to give exam in those states only. It will be really difficult to manage transportation for these aspirants in these difficult times.

Sheelalipi Nayak says, “As much as I am prepared for exams since weeks,  the flood situations in rural background with zero electricity since days and roads submerged is a big hindrance. Even we cannot travel to avail transportation in nearby cities/ towns. Also financial constraint and covid is making it much difficult. “

3. What about infected youth 

How will they give exam. It will be unfair to lot of corona infected youth and will suffer dual blow – sickness as well as loss of opportunity to get a job.

Ramyasree says “The situation is pandamic I have 3 month old baby how can I come out and take exam this exam is very important for me I think exam should be postponed”

4. Natural disasters in many states

Many states in the country are experiencing unfortunate circumstances like floods etc

Vishal Dhandhukiya says, “No one thinks about Students which are coming for rural areas. How they manage to travel 150-250 km in this situation ? What if exams (Clerk+po) are on different days ? how they manage for food & stay in that city? I agree with you Exam must be conducted on the same day but they should also keep those points in their mind.”

5. What if COVID-19 Positive or Asymptomatic Student Appears in Exam

In some cases, even corona positive aspirants will be forced to write an exams. And, it will put everyone in danger.

Pradeep Rocky says “I think its not a good decision to condect exam at this point becoz every single person is interested to write the exam even he is affected with corona then also he will come to write in this case the remaining people are affected alot and every person can’t afford for treatment cost. If govt take whole responsibility of the candidate is their are ready ??”

6. Delay in Admit card

Admit cards has been delayed and now it will be really difficult for many any travel and lodging arrangements now.

Suggestions from Aspirants

1. Aspirants, who are applying from a different state, other than where they are staying, should be allowed to give exam in their current state, where they are staing. 

Sheelalipi Nayak says “We are not asking for cancelling exams at all. Exams should happen but with a little clarity. A postponement of 15-20 days will atleast help rural candidates to work out measures in flood transport and covid management. Everyone is not based in cities with good accommodation and transport. That’s what it is. “

Kiti Kushwaha Said, “May be some arrangements to be made in order to conduct exams in the same cities where candidates live, however there application to which ever state they applied for remain same.”

2. Increase exam centres –  Increase examination centers then conduct the exams it is the best solution for conducting the exams all aspirants told postpone the exams its right postponement the exams while increase the centers 

3. Conduct Clerk and PO exam on the same date, to avoid lodging and fooding problems

4. Make travel and lodging arrangements for aspirants coming from distant locations 

Vishal Dhandhukiya says “No one thinks about Students which are coming for rural areas. How they manage to travel 150-250 km in this situation?”

Pranshu Tiwari says “i think govt ko exam 15 din postponed krke exam center increase kre and. ek portal banaye jha students resister kre and govt unko safe transportation provide kre”

5. Do not conduct prelims this time. These are exceptional circumstances. So, conduct only mains and do the selection on mains basis.

6. Have more exam centres and timeslots.

Tulika Verma says “Situation in the country is worsening day by day in terms of covid-19. But exams should be conducted with some strict rules and regulations. As exams held 4 days in normal situation. Then ibps should divide it into more shifts with less students or else it can increase no. of centres, but it is not possible immediately. So exams should be conducted with proper guidelines and in more shifts than earlier. Single exam instead of pre and mains.”

Shekhar Sharma says Agar IBPS chahe to exam bhi time pe ho sakta hai or time pe result bhi aa sakta hai, or covid ke effect se bhi bacha ja sakta hai.

Due to covid, ibps pehle ki tarah single exam bhi conduct kara sakti hai (means sirf mains conduct karaye)or usi ke base par interview conduct kara sakti hai. May be dono problem solve ho jayegi. Kyoki finally lagna to merit hi hai.

7. Take proper safely measures. To ensure safety of students and staff at the centres proper safety measures and stricts protocols should be followed.

We will also forward these suggessions by aspirants to the director of the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). We urge all students to stay safe during this pandemic.