English Miscellaneous Quiz for IBPS Clerk Prelims – 1st December 2018

IBPS Clerk Prelims is on its way and a lot of aspirants are heading towards new hopes with this upcoming opportunity. Thus, English Language can be an impetus for their success by helping them save crucial time and score good points in lesser time and effort. So, instead of boiling the ocean, try building up a strong vocabulary, an effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills so as to be on the ball to face this particular section. Here is a quiz on English Language being provided by Adda247 to let you practice the best of latest pattern English Questions for upcoming IBPS Clerk Exam.

Directions (1-6): In each of the questions given below, a sentence is given with a phrase/ part of the sentence put in BOLD. Five options follow each sentence, suggesting an improvement for the BOLD part to make a meaningful and correct sentence. Choose the best improvement from these and if the sentence is correct as it is, mark “No Improvement Required” as your answer. 

Q1. Being a woman, Savitri was not allowed to enter the ‘All men’ club.

(a) Being Savitri a woman
(b) Savitri being a woman
(c) Being a woman she
(d) She being a woman
(e) No Improvement Required
No improvement is required in the given statement. The subject of the statement has already been introduced just after the BOLD part, hence, there is no need to mention it in the BOLD part.
Therefore, option (e) is the correct answer here.
Q2. This is the precise reason how he want me in the team.
(a) How he wanting
(b) When he want
(c) Why he want
(d) Why he wanted
(e) No Improvement Required
The correct replacement for the BOLD part in the given statement is given in option (d).
Option (c) would have been correct if in place of ‘want’, ‘wants’ had been used – because the subject here is ‘he’ which is singular and hence would take a singular verb form. Therefore, the only correct improvement is given by option (d).
Q3. One of the culprits have opened admitted that he was one of the main instigators of the crime.
(a) Has been opened
(b) Has openly admitted
(c) Has been admitted
(d) Has show admittance
(e) No Improvement Required
The most appropriate improvement for the given phrase (in BOLD) which makes the sentence grammatically correct and meaningful is given by option (b).
Q4. The company has hired a new advertising company for the new season for attract more buyers.
(a) For more attract
(b) To attracting more
(c) To attract more
(d) For more attraction
(e) No Improvement Required
Here, the most appropriate improvement to the given phrase is given by option (c). All other options are grammatically incorrect and hence cannot be used in the as a replacement.
Therefore, option (c) is the right answer choice here.
Q5. Nelson Mandela was pivotal to the ending of the apartheid policy.
(a) Ending the
(b) End the
(c) Ends of the
(d) Ending the of
(e) No Improvement Required
No improvement is required in the given sentence here. The sentence is grammatically correct as it is. It talks about Nelson Mandela being pivotal to the process of scrapping (ending) of the apartheid policy
Q6. In the liking, Payal will pass the exam this year with flying colours.
(a) In all likelihood
(b) In all likeliness
(c) In like all
(d) All in the like
(e) No Improvement Required
In all likelihood – very probably;
Hence, the best improvement for the given phrase (in BOLD) in the context of the statement is given by option (a).

Directions (7-12): In each of the following questions a grammatically correct and meaningful sentence is given and four words are put in BOLD. One of these four words may be misspelt. You have to identify the misspelt word and choose the appropriate option as your answer. If all the words are correctly spelt, then mark ‘All Correct’ as your answer. 

Q7. Thousands of farmers have gathered at the National Capital to demand that government bring in legislation providing a guarranteed minimum support price for their produce and freedom from debts.

(a) Thousands
(b) Gathered
(c) Guarranteed
(d) Legislation
(e) All Correct
Q8. The farmers began their march from Ramlila Maidan. Farmers from vairous parts of the country converged at Delhi’s iconic ground yesterday.
(a) Began
(b) Vairous
(c) Converged
(d) Iconic
(e) All Correct
Q9. The High Court verdict has opened a convenient escape route for both the State government and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which have crossed swords over the iseue.
(a) Verdict
(b) Escape
(c) Crossed
(d) Iseue
(e) All Correct
Q10. The BJP has canceled its plan to take out a massive march at Nilackal protesting against the alleged police high-handedness.
(a) Canceled
(b) Massive
(c) Protesting
(d) Alleged
(e) All Correct
Q11. The report noted that South Asia has made subestantial progress in reducing HIV risks and vulnerability among children, adolescents, pregnant women and mothers.
(a) Noted
(b) Subestantial
(c) vulnerability
(d) Pregnant
(e) All Correct
Q12. Before the days’ proceedings began, Mr. George was seen moving around the Opposition benches with the legislators enqiuring about the black attire.
(a) Before
(b) Around
(c) Opposition
(d) Enqiuring
(e) All Correct

Directions (13-15): Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning to the word printed in bold below. 


(a) Affordability
(b) Benevolent
(c) Encouragement
(d) Disregard
(e) Respect
DETERRENCE – the action of discouraging an action or event through instilling doubt or fear of the consequences;
ENCOURAGEMENT – the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.
(a) Convention
(b) Acquittal
(c) Conviction
(d) Enlightenment
(e) None of these
INDICTMENT – a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime;
ACQUITTAL – a judgement or verdict that a person is not guilty of the crime with which they have been charged;
(a) Rare
(b) Euphemistic
(c) Energetic
(d) Dull
(e) None of these
UBIQUITOUS – present, appearing, or found everywhere