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English Language Quiz For Bank Foundation 2023 -09th October

Directions (1-5): Each of the following questions has a paragraph from which one sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

Q1. When the Reserve Bank of India conducted a special investigation (Asset Quality Review 2015–16) into the quality of loans dispensed by big banks, few could have foreseen the lasting impact of the fallout that came afterwards. It forced banks to do away with the opaque policies______________. It was a moment of reckoning for the banking industry and it severely crippled many incumbents, except a certain HDFC Bank.

(a) of the puzzle begins with understanding commodities
(b) to financial institutions as well because like commodities, money behaves remarkably similar to one
(c) adopted to conceal bad loans and severely hampered their ability to grow
(d) financial metrics, metrics that help us understood things as they stand today
(e) to add market share by offering a better product

Q2. At the turn of the new millennium, YogeshMahansaria, a bright-eyed 25-year-old was asked to take control of a small tyre manufacturer in Aurangabad. He had been working there for a few years with his father and _____________________ and when his chance came, he did it with style. And then in 2006 when it seemed like the humble tyre company was just about to take off, he was abruptly asked to leave.

(a) inherent investment opportunity we need to take a small detour
(b) principal contention was that while food production would grow linearly, population growth would be exponential
(c) most controversial ideas of the 18th century there was considerable fear about humanity’s ability to survive
(d) was seen as someone who could turn around the company’s fortunes
(e) ushered in a new era and it’s now on a quest to reach a billion dollars in annual turnover

Q3. Today instead of looking at complicated operational metrics and financial performance of airline companies, we will do something different. We will instead look at air travel and why flying is a terrible experience. Why we have great fund managers [Buffett, Lynch] ___________________ in general and through it, you, fellow investor.

(a) practice is usually followed to fill up the seats left vacant by late or last minute cancellations
(b) confirmed-ticket customers check-in well in time for the flight to take off
(c) voluntarily vacating seats, which gives you some relief like booking on a later flight
(d) travel on the flight and reported for the flight well within the specified time
(e) hating on the airline industry and how all of this is connected to airfares

Q4. Overbooking is another menace that often ruins the flight experience. Airlines consistently overbook — meaning they book more passengers than the actual capacity of the flight in an attempt to maximize their profit-making potential. They do this by________________. But in the process of overbooking, customers often get bumped out of flights that they legally paid for.

(a) later time and other benefits or facilities according to the airline’s discretion.
(b) accounting for the total number of passengers who are unlikely to show up
(c) the request of the airline, it is taken as refusal to cooperate with safety procedures
(d) passenger can only be allowed to check into a flight with a boarding pass
(e) passengers do not vacate seats, the airline can deny them booking

Q5. Steel Manufacturers in China largely relied on Blast Furnaces to produce their steel. These old furnaces take in hot air and convert iron ore into steel under__________________. In a world that was moving closer to environmentally friendly alternatives, this was seen as problematic.

(a) long-term contracts could not fully capitalise on the new found riches
(b) terrible market scenario that prevailed in the Graphite Electrode
(c) extremely high temperatures and are considered to be prime polluters in Beijing
(d) severe depression crippled the entire industry
(e) stock as a worthwhile investment opportunity until the Chinese sneezed


S1. Ans. (c)
Sol. The given paragraph mentions the special investigation that was conducted by RBI to assess the quality of leans. It further mentions the consequences of the investigation under which the banks had to do away with the policies that concealed the bad loans. Here, we can infer that the blank would be filled with a phrase which would mention the policies that were obstructing the growth of banks. Statement given in option (c) perfectly fits in the given blank to give a contextually meaningful and grammatically correct statement. Hence, option (c) is the most suitable answer choice.

S2. Ans. (d)
Sol. The paragraph given above mentions how YogeshMahansaria had taken a control over tyre manufacturer in Aurangabad where he had been working for few years along with his father. But he was suddenly asked to leave within few year when the company was about to emerge successfully. From the phrase given following the blank, which mentions, “he did it with style”, we can infer that blank will be filled in with a phrase which could justify his capabilities to run the company. Statement given in option (d) clearly fits in the given blank, stating expectations from Yogesh after taking over the company. Hence, option (d) is the most suitable answer choice.

S3. Ans. (e)
Sol. The paragraph given above mentions how the world’s leading investors too are not inclined towards investing in airlines due to the highly variable air fares. Here, the statement given in option (e) which justifies the inference we can derive from the paragraph fits in perfectly in the given blank. All other phrases either do not make a contextually meaningful or do not form a grammatically correct statement. Hence, option (e) is the most suitable answer choice.

S4. Ans. (b)
Sol. The paragraph given above mentions how the airlines overbook the flights for the maximum profit. The final statement of the paragraph mentions that the overbooked passengers are usually bumped out of the flight inspite of paying the equal prices. Here, from the phrase preceding the blank “they do this by”, we can infer that the blank contains something that has been one of the ways by which the airlines overbook the flights. Therefore, the statement given in option (b) which states that overbooking is usually done considering the probability of the tickets that have the chances of being cancelled fits in perfectly in the blank. Hence, option (b) is the most suitable answer choice.

S5. Ans. (c)
Sol. The paragraph given above mentions the Steel industry in China which is largely dependent on blast furnaces for converting iron ore into steel. From the phrase “iron ore into steel under”, we can infer that the blank will be filled with the phrase highlighting the temperature at which the conversion happens. Therefore, the phrase given in option (c) perfectly fits in the given blank which implies that iron ore is converted to steel at extremely high temperature which is also a major reason for pollution in Beijing.

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