English Practice Questions For IBPS Clerk Mains 2017

Dear Aspirants,

This section can be easy as pie if your basics are clear. Sometimes, even those who can communicate very well in English, fail to perform to the best of their ability in the banking exams. So, instead of boiling the ocean, try building up a strong vocabulary, an effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills so as to be on the ball to face this particular section. Here is a quiz being provided by Adda247 to let you practice the best of latest pattern English Questions.

DAY-16 Word Usage

Direction (1-5): In each question, the word at the top is used in three different ways, numbered to (I) to (III), Choose the option in which the usage of the word is Incorrect or Inappropriate.

Q1. Meet
I.When she didn’t arrive on time, we were worried that she might have met to an accident.
II.We can’t comply with all your requests, but we can meet you halfway.
III.We only met one other car on the road.
(a)Only I
(b)Only II
(c) Only III
(d)Both I and II
(e) Both II and I

Q2. Question
I.There is considerable question about the actual value of the property.
II.There is no question that he was one of the greatest players of the game.
III.Is success all just a questioning of being in the right place at the right time?
(a)Only I
(b)Only II
(c) Only III
(d)Both I and II
(e) Both II and III

Q3. Among
I.The property was divided equally among the four survivors.
II.They compared several new cars but found few differences amonged them.
III.The people of the town were frightened to think that a killer might be living among them.
(a)Only I
(b)Only II
(c) Only III
(d)Both I and II
(e) Both II and III

Q4. Across
I.The disease spread quickly across the country.
II.They travelled back and forth acrossed the border.
III. The accident happened just across the state line.
(a)Only I
(b)Only II
(c) Only III
(d)Both I and II
(e) Both II and III

Q5. Happen
I.Do you happen to know the way to the station?
II.An odd thing happened too me on my way to the office last week.
III.I happen to think that the movie was actually very good.
(a)Only I
(b)Only II
(c) Only III
(d)Both I and II
(e) Both II and III

Directions (6-10): In each question, there is the pair of words/phrases that highlighted. From the highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate word(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then, from the options given, choose the best one.

I.For reasons that I can’t reveal, I advise(a)/advice you to maroon Zhark on an uninhabited planet rather than expose him to the humiliation of a public execution.
II.Volcanoes can temporarily affect(a)/ effect(b) the atmosphere.
III.The revised edition of Nelson’s book contains a new afterword(a)/Afterward(b) on hurricane Katrina’s devastation of the city.
(a) aab
(b) bab
(c) bba
(d) aaa
(e) abb

(I)It is the averse(a)/adverse(b) effect of television viewing on the lives of so many people that makes it feel like a serious addiction.
(II)According to the National Safety Council, there were more than 600 accidental(a)/incidental(b) shooting deaths in the United States last year.
(III)The lawyer’s indiscreet(a)/indiscrete(b) remarks to the media provoked an angry response from the judge.
(a) bab
(b) aba
(c) abb
(d) baa
(e) aaa

(I)I didn’t mean to imply(a)/ infer(b) that I didn’t like it. On the contrary, I think it’s beautiful. It’s just different, that’s all.
(II)”Young man,” my father said, “there is a big difference between you and I(a)/me(b).”
(III)Jimmy left for school early the next morning, hoping(a)/hopping(b) to avoid Benny and his buddies.
(a) bbb
(b) bba
(c) aba
(d) aab
(e) baa

(I)An unemployed man with a metal detector stumbled upon one of the greatest horde(a)/hoards(b) of Anglo-Saxon treasure ever discovered in Britain.
(II)Dad memorized historical(a)/historic(b) facts, like the years each president served in office, and he’d repeat these dates in an effort to calm himself.
(III)Lily and her team jibed(a)/jive(b) during their practice before the big tournament.
(a) bab
(b) aaa
(c) aba
(d) baa
(e) aab

(I)Experiment with recipes until you find what tastes well(a)/good(b) to you.
(II)It’s always easiest to catch birds with baited(a)/bated(b) traps at times of the year when there is little food available.
(III)The man besides(a)/beside(b) her was wearing a brown suit and hat.

I. Ricky Gervais’ clever touch is muted in this unexceptional(a)/unexceptionable(b) film about young men navigating adulthood.
II. “It was actively involved in every operation to persecute(a)/prosecute(b), expel and exterminate the Jews from the very beginning,” he said.
III. If you enter the theater of this novel, get set to weather(a)/Whether(b) some disorientation as soon as the lights dim.
(a)  aba
(b)  abb
(c)  aaa
(d)  baa
(e)  bbb

I.Tall and lean, he is wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, a dark blazer and red tie with hair every sports anchor would jealousy(a)/envy(b).
II.He’s a descent(a)/decent(b) old chap, but isn’t at home much.
III.The reporter, gathering his wits, gave a contemptuous(a)/contemptible(b) laugh.
(a)  aba
(b)  bba
(c)  bbb
(d)  aaa
(e)  aab

I.  An off-duty Houston police officer used a marital (a)/martial(b) arts move to kill a man who had asked a bartender for her telephone number
II. Some slowing is expected in 2012 because of global economic(a)/economical(b) woes.
III. It is far better to think of these as isolated, unpredictable, discrete(a)/discreet(b) events.
(a)  bab
(b)  baa
(c)  bba
(d)  abb
(e)  bbb

I. America’s principles(a)/principals(b) establish religious liberty as a fundamental right.
II. A liquid ocean and a rocky core may lay(a)/lie(b) beneath the icy shell.
III. The coach had put some thoughts on paper and gave his friend the name of a possible publisher who turned out to be uninterested(a)/disinterested(b).
(a)  bbb
(b)  bab
(c)  aaa
(d)  aba
(e)  aab

I. Blue colours denote(a)/connotes(b) wetter earth; yellow colours show drier conditions.
II. Earth” comprises(a)/composed(b) clay, mud, ochre, marl, and “peculiar earths generally
III. First, based on your question, we’ll presume(a)/assume(b) you’re a recent college graduate.
(a)  aaa
(b)  aab
(c)  baa
(d)  aba
(e)  bab

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