English Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains Exam 2019

Questions Asked In English Section Of SBI PO Main 2019

SBI PO Main 2019 is over now and you all must have gone through the detailed section-wise analysis on bankersadda. We hope we have come up to your expectation in providing every gist of the examination. We hope you all have done well in the examination. Many of you might have started preparing for the next phase i.e interview. As you all know the English section was not breathtaking this time it was a cakewalk for those who were prepared well for the hard nut to crack like the exam. Students, now its time to get familiar with the changes and types of questions introduced in the exam. Get the insight view of the English section of SBI PO Main 2019 so that you will have an idea about the upcoming examination.

As you all know, IBPS is known to follow the footprints of the SBI. So you can expect the types of questions asked in SBI to come in IBPS as well. Students, this time SBI did not shock the students with the changes. Questions asked in the SBI PO Main exam 2019 were based on the old pattern and the maximum number of questions were doable. So let us discuss the questions based on the memory and reviews given by our students to help the other aspirants who are preparing for IBPS and other banking exams or SBI PO 2020.

What types of questions were there in the English section in SBI PO Main 2019?

There were 4-5 sets of Reading comprehension with the easy to moderate level. Each set consists of 3-4 questions. Paragraphs were not much longer. Questions in the form of word replacement, idiom  & phrase inference, and conclusion based questions were asked in this section. 
What were the topics of Reading comprehension?
  • Mutual Funds
  • Investment in real Estate
  • Global warming
  • Employee retention
  • Chinese economy

Other questions were framed in the form of column-based fillers. Questions were doable and of the moderate level. For example-

Ques- Turkey has been a long-standing member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and a/an ______[I]_______ part of the American-led alliance whose principal goal was and continues to be to prevent the _______[II]______ of Russian influence and power.

Column A Column B
(A) Integral  (D) Impingement
(B)Mandatory (E) Distinguished
(C)Sanctions  (F)  Expansion

(a) B-D
(b) C-E
(c) A-F
(d) C-F
(e) A-D

Some of the questions from Idiom phrase replace were also asked in the exam. In this part, a sentence was given in which a part of the sentence(idiom phrase) was given in bold followed by the five sentences. And you had to find the best suitable answer out of those five options that can best replace the Bold part. For example- 

Ques-The police tied the culprit in knots questioning him about the crime.
(a) They tied him with a rope
(b) They tied his limbs and interrogated him
(c) They bewildered him to a great extent
(d) They beat him in the joints
(e) They tied him with the chain

Hence, the English section was an overall moderate level. To check the good attempts and section-wise analysis of another section click here. If you want to know about the changes introduced in Quantitative aptitude section check here.