English Quiz for 11th July: English Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains 2020

SBI Clerk Mains English Language Quiz

Is your DREAM to get selected in SBI Clerk 2020 recruitment? Well, then you must speed up your preparation as the Main exam which is the final step towards selection will soon be announced. So, students should utilize this time intelligently. The English Language is one of the subjects you’ll need to deal with and to help you keep your preparation up to the mark, here we provide you with a questionnaire of English Language to crack SBI Clerk Main. For other subjects, you can check the SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan. Directions (1-5): In the questions given below a sentence is divided into five parts marked A-E. The five parts are jumbled and one of the parts has an error in it. Arrange the divided parts into a coherent sentence and identify the part which has an error in it. Q1. He had not been ready (A)/Chief Minister PinarayiVijayan said (B)/To accept the Supreme Court’s verdict (C)/Should have quit (D)/ Sabarimala chief priest KandararuRajeevaru (E). (a) EDACB; (D) (b) BEDAC; (C) (c) DACEB; (C) (d) BEDAC; (A) (e) EDACB; (E) Q2. Was attempt to checkmate senior BJP leaders (A)/Mr. Patnaik’s letter to Mr. Modi(B)/According to political analysts, (C)/About the BJD government’s performance in Odisha (D)/ From creating any confusion among the people (E)/ (a) BAECD; (C) (b) AEBCD; No Error (c) CBAED; (A) (d) EABCD; (E) (e) BAECD; (E) Q3. And something which cannot be stopped (A)/on the basis of “conjectures and surmises”(B)/is a “fundamental right” of the party, (C)/An appeal filed by the BJP said held a “peaceful yatra” (D)/ making voters aware of their rights (E). (a) DBCAE; No error (b) EBCAD; No error (c) DECAB; No error (d) BDECA; (D) (e) DECAB; (D) Q4.  The Chief Minister is personally (A)/in the heart of Imphal(B)/ supervising preparations at HaftaKangjeibung ground (C)/ where Mr. Modi is scheduled (D)/ to address a public meeting (E). (a) ACBDE; (C) (b) ACBDE; No error (c) ACDBE; No error (d) BCDBE; (C) (e) DEACB; (A) Q5. Was introduced by the BJP government (A)/The group recitation of VandeMatram(B)/led for(C)/for the government employees (D)/the then Chief Minister Babulal Gaur in 2005 (E). (a) ECBDA; (B) (b) BDACE; (C) (c) ECBDA; (C) (d) ECBDA; No Error (e) DCABE; (B) To attempt the complete quiz refer to the links given below:
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