English Quiz for BOB PO Exam: 13th July 2018

Dear Aspirants,
English Quiz for BOB PO Exam: 10th July 2018
English Quiz for Bank of Baroda(BOB) PO
This section can be easy as pie if your basics are clear. Sometimes, even those who can communicate very well in English, fail to perform to the best of their ability in the banking exams. So, instead of boiling the ocean, try building up a strong vocabulary, an effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills so as to be on the ball to face this particular section. Here is a quiz on English Language being provided by Adda247 to let you practice the best of latest pattern English Questions for upcoming BOB exam.

Directions(1-5): Fill up the blanks with the appropriate word without altering the meaning of the sentence.

Q1.The embarrassed host felt that the uninvited guest’s rude comments and offensive jokes were ____________.
(a) steadfast

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S1. Ans.(c)
Sol. Intolerable- Which can’t be tolerated

Q2.John Linston was impressed by the ______________ of the youthful Railways team.
(a) ardor
(b) corpulence
(c) languor
(d) impertinence

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S2. Ans.(a)
Sol. Ardor- one who is ardent or enthusiastic

Q3.During childhood and adolescence, individuals acquire habits that are ______________ to good health: which include having a sedentary lifestyle, frequently eating fatty and fast foods, and developing poor sleep patterns.
(a) dangerous
(b) harmful
(c) inimical
(d) unsuitable

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S3. Ans.(c)
Sol. Inimical- harmful in effect

Q4.Shammi’s disciplined and ______________ study habits resulted in his earning numerous honors and awards which also included an academic scholarship.
(a) painstaking
(b) sedulous
(c) unhealthy
(d) taciturn

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S4. Ans.(b)
Sol. Sedulous- diligent in application or pursuit; carried out with diligence

Q5.To most modern day readers, the language in Shakespeare’s plays seems obscure and inaccessible, lacking the ______________ of modern day authors.
(a) elegance
(b) impertinence
(c) perspicuity
(d) perceptibility

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S5. Ans.(c)
Sol. Perspicuity- absence of claritye

Directions(6-10): Choose the appropriate word and fill up the blanks with the same to make the sentence meaningful.

And of what kind are the men that will strive for this profitable ………6………, through all the bustle of ………7………, the heat of contention, the infinite mutual abuse of parties, tearing to pieces the best of characters? It will not be the wise and moderate, the lovers of peace and good order, the men fittest for the trust. It will be the bold and the violent, the men of strong passions and ………8………, activity in their selfish pursuits. These will thrust themselves into your government and be your rulers. And these, too, will be mistaken in the expected happiness of their situation, for their ………9………,competitors, of the same spirit, and from the same motives, will perpetually be ………10………, to distress their administration, thwart their measures, and render them odious to the people.

(a) dominate
(b) subordination
(c) preeminence
(d) feudality
(e) superior

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S6. Ans.(c)
Sol. Preeminence- superiority

(a) zeal
(b) honesty
(c) ignorance
(d) cabal

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S7. Ans.(d)
Sol. Cabal- conspiracy

(a) indefatigable
(b) fatigued
(c) tiresome
(d) monotonous
(e) hapless

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S8. Ans.(a)
Sol. Indefatigable- tireless

(a) ameliorate
(b) vanished
(c) banished
(d) rampart
(e) vanquished

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S9. Ans.(e)
Sol. Vanquished- defeated

(a) thrived
(b) strived
(c) vigorously
(d) endeavoring

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S10. Ans.(d)
Sol. Endeavoring- the act by which one endeavors or strives

Directions (11-15): In each of the questions given below an incomplete sentence which must be filled/completed with one of the one or more sentences given below .i.e. one or more sentences can be fit into the given blank . Choose the correct option and complete the given sentences.

Q11.That was the difference, but if you’re going to lose, I’m so proud of the players. You have to accept it and congratulate France and _________________
(a) never scold them in this way
(b) let them leave the position
(c) wish them luck in the final
(d) throw them out of the final
(e)welcome them with the garlands

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S11. Ans.(c)
Sol. ‘wish them luck in the final’ as the context of the sentence talks about the proud which has been felt on the players. Moreover, the blank precedes with congratulating them.

Q12. The Dutch, needing a win to qualify for the final, ________________ three consecutive penalty corners but the Indian defence stood tall to deny them and eke out the draw and qualify for tomorrow’s final.
(a) suppressed badly and won
(b) pressed hard and earned
(c) lost the position and ruined
(d) faced the music and extorted
(e) ran faster and fell

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S12. Ans.(b)
Sol. ‘pressed hard and earned’ as it was the matter of winning to qualify

Q13. What _________________ devotional aspect of the first dancer was more than compensated in the second theme on Vittala.
(a) was happening in the
(b) was qualifying in the
(c) was stabilizing to the
(d) was memorable of the
(e) was missing in the

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S13. Ans.(e)
Sol. ‘was missing in the’ as the thing which was missing in the devotional aspect compensated in the Vittala

Q14. At the same time, to be a global airline you __________________ to domestic and regional. You look into medium haul and long haul eventually.
(a) just go only with the
(b) just opt
(c) just don’t restrict yourself
(d) just get fit
(e) just suit

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S14. Ans.(c)
Sol. ‘just don’t restrict yourself’ as there is a matter of not restricting to domestic and regional airline

Q15.Burberry’s new collection unveiled early this year had plenty of checks in their blazers, shirts, caps and bags. These checks __________________ with the Scottish plaids.
(a) are not to be rejected
(b) are not to be kept
(c) are not to be chosen
(d) are not to be confused
(e)are not to be stated

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S15. Ans.(d)
Sol. ‘are not to be confused’ is the only correct alternative which suits the context

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