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English Quizzes For FCI Phase 1 2022- 15th September

Directions (1-10): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful

Warmer weather and abnormally mild winters may bode well for orange growers, but they also encourage the proliferation of mosquitoes that carry diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. The incidence of infectious diseases is already on the (1) in the United States, and (2) are occurring in areas previously too cold for (3) to inhabit. In recent years, cases of malaria have been (4) as far north as Michigan, New Jersey, and New York, and a recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (5) that the proliferation of disease-carrying mosquitoes (6) increase the percentage of the world’s population at risk from malaria from 42 percent to 60 percent. In (7) , lethal heat waves, such as the 1995 event that (8) over 700 people in Chicago alone, will be (9) deadly consequence of global warming. As temperatures rise, major cities around the world could (10) thousands of heat-related deaths annually.

(a) go (b) way (c) air (d) rise (e) high

(a) outbursts (b) outcomes (c) outbreaks (d) outgrowths (e) deaths

(a) diseases (b) mosquitoes (c) people (d) winters (e) animals

(a) observing (b) opened (c) reported (d) suffering (e) observed

(a) recommends (b) suggests (c) believes (d) prefers (e) suggested

(a) to (b) that (c) and (d) could (e) should

(a) addition (b) total (c) conclusion (d) general (e) short

(a) terminated (b) killed (c) assassinated (d) executed (e) effected

(a) more (b) further (c) another (d) increasingly (e) much

(a) experience (b) develop (c) cause (d) produce (e) see

Directions (11-15): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word that fits the blank.

The cities are (11) up and urban unemployment steadily grows. Very probably, there is an equal measure of worklessness in the countryside. The poorest quarter of the population in developing lands (12) being left almost entirely behind in the vast (13) of the modern technological society. The ‘marginal men’, the (14) strugglers for survival on the fringes of farm and city, may number more than two billions. Can we imagine any human order surviving with so gross a mass of (15) piling up at its base.

(a)filling (b)piling (c)growing (d)enlarging (e) developing

(a)risks (b)suffers (c)believes (d) condemns (e) endeavours

(a)result (b)struggle (c)surface (d)abundance (e)transformation

(a)brave (b)honest (c)aged (d)ultimate (e)wretched

(a)misery (b)humility (c)generation (d)population (e)migration


S1. Ans. (d)
S2. Ans. (c)
S3. Ans. (b)
S4. Ans. (c)
S5. Ans. (b)
S6. Ans. (d)
S7. Ans. (a)
S8. Ans. (b)
S9. Ans. (c)
S10. Ans. (a)
S11. Ans. (b)
Sol. ‘piling up’ means accumulating.
S12. Ans. (a)
S13. Ans. (a)
S14. Ans. (e)
S15. Ans. (d)

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