Facts About Reading!! Do You Know How 20 Minutes Of Reading Can Help You?

Many of us has a habit of reading on daily basis. We pursue this habit out of our daily actions or due to exam pressure. Now a days, students are more deviated towards banking exams where reading and memorizing the things is the important task. Reading allows you to peep into other lives like galaxies, animals, humans, nature etc based on the interest of reading. Reading books and other material has prove to make you happier and more empathetic, to make you smarter, even to deter diseases like Alzheimers in some cases.

Below are some important facts on Reading books and other related things which will make you read more and more things.

Do You Know these reading facts?

Reading can help you to reduce your stress upto 68% soif you are stressed out of something, read that will soothe your mind.

There are more than 130 million books in printed available to us (How many have you read?

More than 65% of the books worldwide are sold to women. (Are men not interested in gaining knowledge??)

Read for about 20 minutes a day, this is how you will read approx 18,00,000 words per year.

Children who read more than 1000000 words per year, come under 2% reader achievement categories.

Reading helps in learning vocab. If you read books on daily basis, you probably know most of the words than a usual reader.

If you are reading one book a day, you may read 1825 book in five years.Hurray!

The term ‘bookworm’ originates from insects who live in and feed on the binding of books.

1640 Bay Psalm is the most expensive book in the world, which was sold for $14.2 million.

Do you know?

Longest novel ever written is Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust, containing an estimated 9,609,000 characters.

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