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FCI Agriculture Quiz 30

FCI Recruitment 2021: Good News for all the aspirants, Bankers Adda team is coming up with Exclusive Questions of Agriculture for FCI AGM 2021 on the Adda247 app also, so download the Adda247 App now to attempt these quizzes. We have started this series on 18th March 2021. So, do attempt it daily and crack the FCI AGM 2021 Exam.


Q1. Laterite soil mostly found on hills of

  1. Kerala
  2. Karnataka
  3. Assam
  4. Maharashtra
  5. All of the above

Explanation:- The laterite soils are commonly found in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and the hilly areas of Odisha and Assam.


Q2.The highest acidic soils found in

  1. Bihar
  2. Maharashtra
  3. West Bengal
  4. All of the above
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Highest acidic soils found in West Bengal.


Q3. Most serious and unnoticed by farmer ………form of soil erosion

  1. Splash erosion
  2. Sheet erosion
  3. Rill erosion
  4. Gully erosion
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Splash erosion is generally seen as the first and least severe stage in the soil erosion process, which is followed by sheet erosion, then rill erosion, and finally gully erosion (the most severe of the four).


Q4. Drip irrigation is introduced from

  1. Japan
  2. Australia
  3. Israel
  4. China
  5. None of these

Explanation:- The most significant advance in modern agriculture is the dripirrigation system invented in Israel by Simcha Blass and his son Yeshayahu in 1959.


Q5. Which Agro-climatic zone of India has the highest irrigated area, highest net sown area, high cropping intensity, and high groundwater utilization?

  1. Trans-Gangetic plain region
  2. Upper-Gangetic plain region
  3. Lower-Gangetic plain region
  4. Eastern Plateau and Hills region
  5. None of these

Explanation:-  The soil is alluvial which is highly productive. Canals and tube-wells and pumping sets have been installed by the cultivators and the governments. The intensity of agriculture is the highest in the country.


Q6. Crop having highest area under irrigation

  1. Rice
  2. Wheat
  3. Sugarcane
  4. Maize
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Rice production has been increased greatly since the 1960s. In irrigation, rice is the dominant crop. It occupies approximately 30% of the irrigation area. Rice plant grows in the abundant water environment.


Q7. The country having highest irrigation efficiency

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. Israel
  4. India
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Country having the highest irrigation efficiency is Israel.


Q8. Saltation is a process of

  1. Water erosion
  2. Wind erosion
  3. Streambank erosion
  4. Both A and C
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Saltation—occurs among middle-sized soil particles that range from 0.05 mm to 0.5 mm in diameter. Such particles are light enough to be lifted off the surface but are too large to become suspended.


Q9. Origin of Maize

  1. India
  2. Mexico
  3. China
  4. USA
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Maize began to spread widely and rapidly. It was first cultivated in what is now the United States, at several sites in New Mexico and Arizona about 2100 BC.


Q10. National Watershed Development Project  for Rainfed areas

  1. 1985-86
  2. 1990-91
  3. 1986-87
  4. 2015-16
  5. None of these

Explanation:- The scheme of the National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA) was launched in 1990-91 in 25 States and 2 Union Territories based on twin concepts of integrated watershed management and sustainable farming systems.

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