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FCI Agriculture Quiz 34

FCI Recruitment 2021: Good News for all the aspirants, Bankers Adda team is coming up with Exclusive Questions of Agriculture for FCI AGM 2021 on the Adda247 app also, so download the Adda247 App now to attempt these quizzes. We have started this series on 18th March 2021. So, do attempt it daily and crack the FCI AGM 2021 Exam.


Q1. Which of the following is incorrect about saline soil?

  1. Saline soil have a soil pH of less than 8.5
  2. EC is more than 4.0 m.mhos/cm
  3. Presence of black crust
  4. It has a white color that why it is also called as white alkali.
  5. None of these

Explanation:- The pH value of the saturated soil paste is always less than 8.2 and more often near neutrality. Excess soil salinity causes poor and spotty stands of crops, uneven and stunted growth and poor yields, the extent depending on the degree of salinity. The primary effect of excess salinity is that it renders less water available to plants although some is still present in the root zone.


Q2. Central Food Technology and Research Institute is located at

  1. Bhopal
  2. Kolkata
  3. Mumbai
  4. Mysore
  5. None of these

Explanation:- CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute, is one of the constituent laboratories under the aegis of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. It was established on 21 October 1950 in Mysore, Karnataka.


Q3. Soil specific gravity is measured by

  1. Pyrometer
  2. Lysimeter
  3. Pycnometer
  4. Piezometer
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Pycnometer test is used to determine the specific gravity of cohesion-less soils and water content.


Q4. About 60-75 percent of rainfall is lost through

  1. Transpiration
  2. Evaporation
  3. Infiltration
  4. Humidity
  5. None of these

Explanation:- About 60-75 percent of rainfall is lost through evaporation.


Q5. The maximum temperature for rice crop tolerate is

  1. 49 °C
  2. 35°C
  3. 40°C
  4. 25°C
  5. None of these

Explanation:- The average temperature required throughout the life period of the crop ranges from 21 to 37º C. Maximum temp which the crop can tolerate 40°C  to 42°C.


Q6. What means trap crop

  1. Growing one or more vegetable crops on a large scale for fresh shipment to distant markets.
  2. Crops are grown to protect the main cash crop from a certain pest or several pests.
  3. Such crop like corn, legumes and grasses that have been harvested at early maturity.
  4. Such crops are grown to conserve the soil moisture through their ground-covering foliage.
  5. None of these

Explanation:- A trap crop is a plant that attracts agricultural pests, usually insects, away from nearby crops. This form of companion planting can save the main crop from decimation by pests without the use of pesticides.


Q7. The botanical name of Maize

  1. Hordeum vulgare
  2. Zea mays
  3. Triticum aestivum
  4. Oryza sativa
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Maize or corn (Zea mays) is a plant belonging to the family of grasses (Poaceae).


Q8.Poor man’s friend known as

  1. Wheat
  2. Rice
  3. Potato
  4. Maize
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is the most important food crop in the world. Potato is a temperate crop grown under subtropical conditions in India. The potato is a crop that has always been the ‘poor man’s friend‘.


Q9.Round revolution is related to

  1. Apple production
  2. Citrus production
  3. Potato production
  4. Tomato production
  5. None of these

Explanation:- Round revolution is the revolution adopted by the Government of India for the increase in the production of Potato. This revolution is aimed to make the production doubled or tripled instead of a single annual increase.


Q10. World Food Day is celebrated on

  1. 10 October
  2. 11 October
  3. 16 October
  4. 10 October
  5. None of these

Explanation:- World Food Day is celebrated annually on 16 October to promote global awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger, and to highlight the need to ensure healthy diets for all.

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