Frequently asked questions of Static Awareness in IBPS Exams

Q1. Which is the oldest mountain range in India? 
(a) Aravali
(b) Himalayas
(c) Sahyadri
(d) Vindhyas
(e) None of the above

Q2. ‘Mandovi’ and ‘Zuari’ are major rivers of which Indian state? 
(a) Goa
(b) Gujarat
(c) Kerala
(d) Karnataka
(e) Uttarakhand

Q3. Which city in Maharashtra is served by Dr. Ambedkar International Airport?
(a) Pune
(b) Kolhapur
(c) Nagpur
(d) Aurangabad
(e) Nashik

Q4. The Nagarhole National Park, a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, is located in which Indian state? 
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Bihar
(d) Karnataka
(e) Maharashtra

Q5. ‘Dhopkhel’ is a famous traditional game of which Indian state? 
(a) Odisha
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) Maharashtra
(e) Assam

Q6. Who is the governor of Andhra Pradesh? 
(a) V. Shanmuganthan
(b) E.S Lakshmi Narasimhan
(c) Banwarilal Purohit
(d) Ram Nath Kovind
(e) None of the above

Q7. Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary  is situated in which of the following Indian state?
(a) Uttarakhand
(b) Haryana
(c) Jammu and Kashmir
(d) Rajasthan
(e) Uttar Pradesh

Q8. Capital of Afghanistan is? 
(a) Tirane
(b) Kabul
(c) Luanda
(d) Yerevan
(e) None of the above

Q9. Ahmedabad is also known as…..
(a) Abode of the God
(b) Land of Black Diamond
(c) Boston of India
(d) City of Prime Ministers
(e) Pensioners Paradise

Q10. Which city is served by Rajiv Gandhi International Airport? 
(a) Ahmedabad
(b) Kochi
(c) Kozhikode
(d) Hyderabad
(e) Guwahati

Q11. Which river is also known as ‘Bengal’s sorrow’? 
(a) Damodar
(b) Mahanadi
(c) Hooghly
(d) Gandak
(e) Ganga

Q12. In which Indian city would you find the Rock Garden, a sculpture garden created by artist Nek Chand using waste especially rags and broken ceramics? 
(a) Chandigarh
(b) Bengaluru
(c) Gandhinagar
(d) Hyderabad
(e) Pune

Q13. Built across the Godavari river, Pochampad Dam is located in which state? 
(a) Karnataka
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Telangana
(e) Odisha

Q14. Which waterbody seprates the India from the island nation of Sri Lanka? 
(a) Bering Strait
(b) Palk Strait
(c) Strait of Gibraltar
(d) Strait of Magellan
(e) None of the above

Q15. Who among the following is also known as ‘Bhartiya Kokila’ (The Nightingale of India)? 
(a) Sarojini Naidu
(b) Lata Mangeshkar
(c) Indira Gandhi
(d) M.S.Subbulakshmi
(e) None of the above