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GA Topper Series: 25th-27th June 2022 Quiz

GA Topper Series: 25th-27th June 2022 Quiz: Hello Students, all those students who have cleared their prelims exams in the banking sector must be prepared with every topic in the General Awareness Section for the mains examinations. Bankersadda team has brought you up a new series in which we will come up with 10 questions with the correct answer and the detailed solution to the question.

GA Topper Series: 25th-27th June 2022 Quiz CHECK IN HINDI

Q1. Who became the first Indian woman to perform as K- pop performer, and to which group does she belong?

(a) Droupadi Murmu, India

(b) Shreya Lenka, Black swan

(c) Asleen Kaur, Sugar

(d) None of these

Q2. The new platform Niryat is meant for :

(a) One stop solution for internal trade in India

(b) One stop solution for SHGs

(c) One stop solution for Foreign Trade

(d) One stop solution for a credit facility

Q3.  According to the Economic Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) ‘The Global Liveability Index 2022’, what are the ranks of Delhi and Mumbai on the index?

(a) 173, 112

(b) 171,173

(c) 117,112

(d) 112, 117

Q4. How many projects are recently funded by World Bank?

(a) 3

(b) 4

(c) 5

(d) 6

Q5. Match the projects with states:

  1. GOAL                                                                       a. Tamil Nadu
  2. RIGHTS                                                                    b. Uttarakhand
  3. Climate responsive rain-fed farming project              c. Gujarat

(a) 1- c, 2-a, 3-b

(b) 1-a, 2-c, 3-b

(c) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c

(d) 1-b, 2-a, 3-c

Q6. Dhan Sanchay Savings Scheme was launched by? 

(a) Axis life insurance

(b) LIC

(c) HDFC life Insurance

(d) None of these

Q7. Which airport became the airport in the country to run entirely on hydro and solar power?

(a) Bengaluru

(b) Delhi

(c) Mumbai

(d) Hyderabad

Q8. Which state got awarded by United Nations for the Mo bus service?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Kerela

(c) Odisha

(d) Tamil Nadu

Q9. Which country launched its domestic Nuri rocket in the orbit? 

(a) USA

(b) South Korea

(c) North Korea

(d) China

Q10. Which company unveiled the solar cook top “Surya Nutan”?

(a) BHEL

(b) IOC

(c) NTPC

(d) NHPC



Shreya Lenka is the first Indian woman to ever have a successful career as a K-pop performer. She is currently a member of the well-known South Korean girl group Blackswan.

Droupadi Murmu is the new president of India.


NIRYAT is developed as a one-stop platform for stakeholders to get all necessary information related to India’s foreign trade. It will provide important information related to more than 30 commodity groups exported to more than 200 countries of the world. This will also strengthen the efforts to develop the districts as important centers of exports. The NIRYAT portal is aimed to “facilitate the further strengthening of India’s financial sector in line with the 3Ts of Trade, Tourism, and Technology


According to the Economic Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) ‘The Global Liveability Index 2022’, which examined 173 cities worldwide, New Delhi is ranked 112th on the list of the most liveable cities, whereas India’s financial capital, Mumbai,(Maharashtra) is ranked 117th.


The Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank (WB) has approved 5 loans/fundings for India catering to different sectors. This includes three loans totaling USD 562 million/mn (about Rs 4,393.70 crore) to fund an education project in Gujarat, a social protection program in Tamil Nadu (TN), and a project to help recovery in the fisheries sector post the Covid-19 pandemic


World Bank funded the following projects:

1. USD 250mn funding to GOAL, an education project in Gujarat

  1. USD 150mn funding to support the recovery of India’s fisheries sector
  2. USD 162 million for the RIGHTS project in Tamil Nadu 
  3. USD 245 million funding to support India’s Rail Logistics project
  4. Rs 1000 crore for Uttarakhand Climate Responsive Rain-fed Farming Project


The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has launched a Dhan Sanchay Savings scheme, which is a nonlinked, non-participating, individual, savings life insurance plan providing guaranteed Income benefits and Terminal benefits (Life protection) payable at the time of maturity of the scheme. The plan is available for a term of a minimum of 5 years to maximum of 15 years depending on the option chosen by the policyholder


Delhi Airport or Indira Gandhi International Airport has become the first airport in the country to run entirely on hydro and solar power from this month in a major step toward achieving the ambitious goal of becoming a Net Zero Carbon Emission Airport by 2030.


Mo Bus, an Odisha-based public transport service has been honored with a prestigious United Nations award, for its role and efforts in helping the world recover better from Covid19.


South Korea sent its first satellite into orbit using a domestic Nuri rocket, boosting the nation’s expanding aerospace ambitions.


Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has unveiled its patented indigenous solar cook top, “Surya Nutan”, developed by the oil refiner’s Faridabad R&D centre. Surya Nutan will aid in reducing India’s CO 2 emissions drastically and keep our citizens insulated from the vagaries of the high international fossil fuel prices.

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