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Game Of Puzzle & Seating Arrangement

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Puzzle in the reasoning section is considered to be the most important topic that carries the maximum weitage in any banking exam. One has to be very good at this topic to ace in the banking exams. Due to the revised pattern, and the increasing complexity in this part, it has become difficult to understand each and every basic concept regarding a different number of puzzles. According to the recent pattern in the banking examination, changes have been observed like calculation based puzzles were also introduced to increase the difficulty level of the exam. If you have basic knowledge of how to solve the puzzle, you can easily score marks. Although the level of the puzzle may vary from easy to moderate according to the type of puzzle. But is there any technique to solve even the complex question with the smart work? Can anyone solve the puzzle in less time without marking the answer wrong? Is there any method to solve the puzzles with ease?

Well, students, Adda247 has been working to help you in every field of education. Be it Banking, SSC, Railway or Teaching. With our strenuous effort, we make everything possible that can help you achieve your dream. We make every effort to deliver you the excellence so that you do not have to search for the study material here and there. We have been providing you with the tips and tricks to solve even the complex or lengthy question within seconds. And again, Adda247 is back here with the solution of solving the most dreaded topic among students i.e Puzzles. We are back with an activity to help you ace in the Puzzle part as this is the part and parcel of reasoning Section.

What is the Activity- Game of Puzzle & Seating Arrangement

In this activity, Every Wednesday and Friday of the week, we will provide you with the two puzzles. Type of puzzle will be different every week. Here in this, we will provide the video solution of one puzzle decsribing you the tricks and how easily you can solve the question. The second puzzle will be given to you for your practice. answers of the puzzle will also be shared with you so that you can check your responses. We will provide a different level of questions raising the level of difficulty every week. 

What are the types of puzzles we will help you with

  • Circular based puzzle
  • Linear arrangement
  • Floor-based puzzle
  • Month/date based puzzle
  • Box-based puzzle
  • Triangular based puzzle/ rectangular/square base puzzle
  • An unknown number of the person in different types of arrangements
  • Blood relation based puzzle
So stay tuned with Adda247 on every Wednesday and Friday for this amazing activity to learn something new in a different way. Do not miss anything important that can cost you something big. Hope you all will appreciate our effort towards the leaning method for students.
Note: You can also share your suggestion on this activity at or if you want us to start something else related to other topics of reasoning or quant. All your suggestions and feedback will be entertained.
We wish you all the best for the upcoming Opportunity


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