Gandhi Jayanti 2020: History Behind Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated in India

Check all the details about Gandhi Jayanti 2020, Gandhi is a symbol of peace and truth. Check the History Behind Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated in India and other details about Gandhi Jayanti. 

Gandhi Jayanti 2020:- Gandhi Jayanti 2020 is a national holiday in India this is the day to honour the birthday of the Father of the nation. India celebrates the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi this year. Mahatma Gandhi is known as Father of the Nation and to remember his birthday Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2 October every year. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated across the country and it is one of the national holidays. Gandhi Jayanti is observed in all the States and Union Territories (UT) of India as one of the three officials declared National Holidays of India.Gandhi was a preacher of non-violence. Gandhi is a symbol of peace and truth. Check the History Behind Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated in India and other details about Gandhi Jayanti. 

History of Gandhi Jayanti

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2nd 1869 in Gujarat, then known as Porbandar, British India.

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Gandhi lived his life with acceptance and practice of truth, non-violence, vegetarianism, simplicity and faith in God and was a major political and spiritual leader within India. He was a pioneer of Satyagraha, which believed in resistance to tyranny through mass civil disobedience, firmly founded upon total non-violence. His honorific title of Mahatma, which means “high-souled” in Sanskrit, was first used in 1914 in South Africa.

The movement led India to independence and his efforts have since inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. He was a source of inspiration to many political leaders all over the world, including Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

How is Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrated?

On this days special functions are organized in schools, other educational institutions and communities organize functions. In spite of

caste, religion and lifestyle, people gather together to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti. Several commemorative activities and cultural events are held at several places where special prayer and get-together are organized.

  • People offer prayers, commemorative ceremonies, and tributes at several locations all over India.
  • Other events like art exhibitions and essay competitions are hosted
  • On this special day, people show films and book readings on Mahatma Gandhi’s life and achievements.

Details about Mahatma Gandhi 

Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat. He studied law in the United Kingdom (UK) and practiced law in South Africa. He was a political & spiritual leader in India. He played a major role in the Indian independence movement. Throughout his life, He set an example of simple living and high thinking. He worked for the betterment of poor people in India. He was a pioneer of non-violence and truth. Mahatma Gandhi started the Satyagraha (non-violence) movement for the Indian freedom struggle.

Mahatma Gandhi played a very significant role in achieving independence for India from British rule. He showed the world that freedom can be achieved through the path of total non-violence. His principles of Satyagraha and non-violence have been guiding the entire world until now. India finally gained its freedom on 15th August 1947, through Gandhi’s efforts. He was murdered on 30 January 1948 by Nathuram Godse. The nation mourned for him sadly.

On 6th July 1944, Subhash Chandra Bose addressed Gandhi as “The Father of the Nation” and on 28 April 1947, Sarojini Naidu during a conference also referred Gandhi as “Father of the Nation.” Few Important events done by Mahatma Gandhi are listed below:

  • 1913 – Gandhi’s activism and arrest in South Africa
  • 1917 – Gandhi established Sabarmati Ashram
  • 1920-1922 – Non-Cooperation Movement
  • 1921 – Gandhi was given exclusive authority over the Indian National Congress
  • 1930 – Salt (Dandi) March
  • 1942 – Quit India Movement
  • 1947 – British Declared Indian Independence

Major Ideologies of Gandhi are:

  • Truth and nonviolence
  • Satyagrah
  • Swaraj
  • Swadeshi

Some of the books written by Mahatma Gandhi are:

  • The Story of My Experiments with Truth
  • The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism
  • Peace: The Words and Inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi (Me-We)

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