General Awareness Questions for Syndicate Bank PO 2018

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General Awareness Questions for Syndicate Bank PO 2018

Current Affairs and General Awareness Questions
Having enough of knowledge of Current Affairs as well as the banking industry is all that is important to perform well in the General Awareness Section of any banking exam. You should know what is happening around the globe. One section that can help you bagging graceful marks in these examinations is General Awareness, that comprises of numerous sections like Banking Awareness, Static GK, and Current Affairs. Here is the quiz on General Awareness that is being provided by Adda247 to help you ace graceful marks in the banking examinations.

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Q1. The ___________ is where overnight (one day) loans can be availed by banks to meet liquidity.
(a) Call Money
(b) Notice Money
(c) Short Money
(d) Half Money
(e) Soft Money
Q2. Name the organisation, which regulates microfinance given by NBFC?
(a) RBI
(b) SEBI
Q3. Commercial operations at Benghazi port ended in 2014 when armed groups took control of the city. Benghazi port situated in which country-?
(a) Yemen
(b) Libya
(c) Canada
(d) Pakistan
(e) Syria
Q4. CAGR is the mean annual growth rate of an investment over a specified period of time longer than one year. CAGR stands for-
(a) Compound Annual General Rate
(b) Compound Annual Growth Rate
(c) Compound Annual Growth Ratio
(d) Cancel Annual Growth Rate
(e) Compound Assembly Growth Rate
Q5. Dr Virendra Kumar is the member of Lok Sabha. His Constituency is-
(a) Darbhanga, Bihar
(b) Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
(c) Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh
(d) Haridwar, Uttarakhand
(e) Jaipur, Rajasthan
Q6. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited (RCF) is one of the most revered public sector undertakings in India. Where is the headoffice of Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited?
(a) Pune
(b) New Delhi
(c) Mumbai
(d) Chennai
(e) Kolkata
Q7. An ELSS is a diversified equity mutual fund which has a majority of the corpus invested in equities. What is the meaning of “L” in ELSS?
(a) Least
(b) Limited
(c) Lose
(d) Level
(e) Linked
Q8. Credit card facility has not given by which institution?
(a) Payment Banks
(b) Nationalised Banks
(c) Public Sector Banks
(d) Regional Rural Banks
(e) Foreign Banks
Q9. The government has notified raising the threshold limit of PF withdrawal for deduction of tax (TDS) from existing Rs 30,000 to-
(a) Rs 90,000
(b) Rs 70,000
(c) Rs 40,000
(d) Rs 50,000
(e) Rs 60,000
Q10. National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is a public trust, established by-
(b) SEBI
(c) RBI

Q11. ______________ is an accounting term that refers to the process of allocating the cost of an intangible asset or reduction in amount of loan over a period of time.
(a) Liability
(b) Inflation
(c) Depreciation
(d) NPA
(e) Amortization
Q12. The government stated that post the abolition of the FIPB, ministries will have to decide on FDI proposals within _______ of the application and any rejection will need concurrence of the DIPP. 
(a) 30 days
(b) 70 days
(c) 40 days
(d) 60 days
(e) 50 days
Q13. CRISIL pioneered the first corporate sector rating in 1988. It is what type of a company?
(a) Lendar
(b) Geographical
(c) Analytical
(d) Insurance
(e) None of the given options is true
Q14. Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) is an international financial institution which offers political risk insurance and credit enhancement guarantees. Where is the head office of MIGA?
(a) Vienna
(b) Washington DC
(c) Paris
(d) London
(e) New York
Q15. Private sector lender HDFC Bank Ltd has been declared a domestic-systemically important bank (D-SIB), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). On what basis D-SIB tag is given to banks? 
(a) Banks with assets that exceed 2% of GDP will be considered part of this class of lenders
(b) Banks with assets that exceed 5% of GDP will be considered part of this class of lenders
(c) Banks with assets that exceed 15% of GDP will be considered part of this class of lenders
(d) Banks with assets that exceed 7% of GDP will be considered part of this class of lenders
(e) Banks with assets that exceed 10% of GDP will be considered part of this class of lenders
Q16. The MPC of India is a committee of the Reserve Bank of India that is responsible for fixing the benchmark interest rate in India. What is the meaning of “P” in MPC?
(a) Policy
(b) Production
(c) Purchase
(d) Product
(e) Primary

Q17. Paris Agreement (PACC) which entered into-force on 04th November 2016. It is related to-
(a) Global Warming
(b) Climate Change
(c) Pollution
(d) Fuel Consumption
(e) Carbon Copy
Q18. Loan disbursed under MUDRA yojna is insured by-
(a) SEBI
(b) Banking Lokpal
(d) RBI
Q19. The Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana 2017, a pension scheme for senior citizens, was approved by the Union Cabinet. It provide an assured pension based on a guaranteed rate of return of 8 per cent for-?
(a) 25 years
(b) 20 years
(c) 15 years
(d) 10 years
(e) 5 years
Q20. _____________ is a specific division of banking related to the creation of capital for other companies, governments and other entities.
(a) Narrow Banking
(b) Current Banking
(c) Universal Banking
(d) Retail Banking
(e) Investment banking