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GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023

GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023: The Food Corporation of India has successfully conducted the FCI AG 3 phase 1 exam on 1st, 7th & 14th  January 2023 in 4 shifts and 4 more shifts are remaining which will be held on 21st January 2023. Candidates must be aware of all the GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023 to make their preparation strong for the upcoming exams. There is a total of 25 questions asked in the General Studies section.

FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam Analysis 2023

GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023: 21st January

Shift II

  1. Lucknow Pact?
  2. Hertz Unit?
  3. PMKVY scheme per month amount?
  4. Sindhu river tributory?
  5. Earth axis shape?
  6. BPO P stands for?
  7. Ganga Vilas destination point? Varansi to Dibrugarh
  8. First battle of Panipat?
  9. Which country change there currency in EURO?
  10. BCCI announced domestic season women umpiring?
  11. Isreal PM?

Shift 1

  1. City of Joy?
  2. Out of the given fibres which are obtained from plants?
  3. Out of the given animals which of them do not have bones?
  4. litmus colour in water?
  5. Bhopal Minister Meet related question?
  6. Jio Tie up with Manchester City?
  7. Ram Krishna Mission established?
  8. Human Livlihood mission for 100 days scheme name?
  9. 1 Jan ration scheme name changed?
  10. 1st train Mumbai to Thane?
  11. Which planet have 83 Moon?
  12. Lowest infant mortality rate in which state
  13. Chest how many ribes?
  14. 2023 named the portal who won market placed digital awards?
  15. MRP full form?
  16. Vasco da came to which city first?
  17. ​Rowlatt satyagraha in which year?
  18. Units used to calculate time period
  19. State having highest gold ore reserves
  20. Census is done after how many years
  21. Abhigyan Shakuntalam written by?
  22. 1st All Indian Annual State Ministers Conference on Water was held in?

GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023: 14th January

  1. Deen-e-ilahi religion given by which emperor?
  2. Gandhiji Mother name?
  3. Poverty and Un-British Rules in India writer?
  4. Unesco heritage site in which temple?
  5. Chaudhary Charan singh Named which day?
  6. Godavari River dam related question?
  7. Protozoan Diseases related question?
  8. Wavelength denoted by?
  9. Asian Development bank established in which year?
  10. Abiotic component related question?
  11. IPL auction highest paid Sam Curran belongs to which country?
  12. Sahitya Academy award 2022 given to?
  13. 1969 no of bank nationalised?
  14. Chambal is tributory of which river?
  15. In TDS, D stands for?
  16. PM of Nepal?
  17. PM scheme Maximum limit?
  18. Non-Metal related question?
  19. Delhi empire?
  20. Eban Batuta related question?
  21. Dada Sahib Naroji Book related question
  22. 1975 aryabhata unmanned first satellite
  23. National Museum where situated?
  24. Blue revolution fisheries?

Shift II

  1. Vice president of India?
  2. Fifa Golden glove?
  3. Sri Nagar Sharjahan Monument?
  4. Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana related question?
  5. National Coal Mining Museum
  6. Which country share boundry with Assam?
  7. Bengal Divison?
  8. Governor of India in 1857?
  9. Governor of India in 1857?
  10. NEFT E stands for?
  11. Good governance day which PM birthday?
  12. Sushasan Day which year formed?
  13. Dry battery converted chemical energy into?
  14. Largest continent?
  15. 1951 Finance Minister of India?
  16. Kinetic energy to which energy?
  17. Digambar belongs to which religion
  18. Capital market who regulates?
  19. Rabi crop formed in which season?
  20. President launch yatra app for EV?
  21. Vitamin-D diffecency disease?
  22. Maratha Empire first Peshwa?
  23. Hridaya green building award to UIDAI?

GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023: 7th January

  1. Kanha National Park in which state?
  2. Pradhan mantri kaushal yojana new name?
  3. SAARC Establishment year?
  4. Hamley World passport index which country top?
  5. Which emperor change India capital delhi to devgiri shift?
  6. Megasthenes came in which king tenure?
  7. Digboi oil refinary est year?
  8. PM Make in india 2.0 how many sector added?
  9. 3rd runnerup country in FIFA?
  10. Which of the following magnate is artifical magnate
  11. Economic survey present by whom in parliament?
  12. Light year unit?
  13. Who is the Uniion Minister in science and Technology?
  14. NPS came under which regulatory authority?
  15. Bronze is an alloy of?
  16. India’s Longest river?
  17. Pm suraksha Bima Yojana?
  18. First four code in IFSC belongs to?
  19. CNG “C” Stands for?
  20. India water Impact summit held in where?
  21. Which of the following sea port in Indus valley civilisation?
  22. Aizwal which state capital?
  23. Short day in which planet? 88 days
  24. Bauxite related question?
  25. After post independence who join all state in India: Sadar patel

FCI असिस्टेंट ग्रेड 3 परीक्षा 2023, 1 & 7 जनवरी की परीक्षा में पूछे गए GS प्रश्नों की डिटेल

Shift II:

  1. GST stands for
  2. Kaziranga WLS in which state?
  3. Onam Festival celebrates in which state?
  4. Last Mughal Emperor name?
  5. Macro Nutrient in Human Body?
  6. Present Chief Finanical advisor?
  7. Former Imperial Bank of India present Bank?
  8. WTO Headquarters?
  9. BCCI current chairman?
  10. Which organisation currently opposing global warming?

Shift III

  1. Slave dynasty established?
  2. Ashoka Father Name?
  3. UIDAI first Chairman?
  4. Eyes part relates question?
  5. Which of the following Natural resoures is not finished?
  6. Who won golden ball in FIFA 22?
  7. Miss Universe?
  8. UNESCO related?
  9. PETA Award won by?
  10. Haldi Ghati year?
  11. Sarejahan se acha song writer?
  12. Dakshin Ganga named which river?
  13. Maximum National Park in which state
  14. Sukaniya Samridhi Maximum age?
  15. Finance Minister related question?
  16. First Satyagrah related questions?
  17. Gati Shakti University related question?
  18. Ambassdors related question?
  19. Niti Aayog Question?
  20. Which indian two time prime ministrer in which country?
  21. Indian how many printing press under RBI?
  22. Indian Longest canal related question
  23. Nalanda University related question?

Shift IV

1. Mudra scheme related question?
2. AirIndia Owned by whom?
3. Battle of chausaa
4. COP 15 venue?
5. GSTN- N stands for?
6. Red cliffe line is between which country?
7. Who made Alai Darwaza?
8. Champaran held in which year?
9. Nitrous oxide popularly known as?
10. Which is not in circular motion?
11. Who won pro kabaddi 2022?
12. Who replace richest person in 2022?
13. 90% diamond in which state?
14. Monetary policy conduct by whom?
15. ITC e chaupal related questions?
16. Which station named changed as ekta nagar?
17. Longest day in which planet?
18. Nitrous oxide other name?
19. Indian National congress first meeting?
20. Solar extended date by GOI?
21. Rooftop solar programme has been extended upto which year?
22. Water disease related question?
23. Human ear capicity in decible?
24. Regur soil also know as?

GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023 are given here with their answers.

  1. National Animal of India: Tiger
  2. India’s Most Generous Person: Shiv Nadar
  3. Sugar Exporting ranking of India: 2nd
  4. Largest state area-wise: Rajasthan
  5. Demonetization year of India: 2016
  6. No of Classical Dances of India: 8
  7. Ramcharitmanas wrote in which language: Awadhi
  8. Vijayanagaran was located on the bank of which river: Tungabhadra
  9. Silk Farming Known as: Sericulture
  10. Which of the following is known as? Anurag Thakur
  11. Good Conductor of Electricity: Silver
  12. World Water Day: 22 March
  13. Gir National park Situated in?
  14. Shahjahan was the successor of?
  15. Bangladesh Currency
  16. Which is the Natural Fibre
  17. Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen?
  18. Highest Literacy state
  19. Not a natural Acid
  20. Calcium Hydroxide
  21. Sufi Saint related ques
  22. Hampi related ques
  23. Niti Aayog established year?
  24. BCCI President?
  25. Indian Economic Rank?
  26. IN UIDAI “U” Stands for?
  27. Current CGA
  28. SEBI is the regulator of
  29. How many Paytm Payment banks on India?
  30. Buddha’s Childhood name?
  31. production of Black pepper in India?
  32. Ramanujacharya Birth State
  33. Does Frontier Gandhi know as?
  34. Global Innovation Index, what is the rank of India?
  35. Area wise India rank?
  36. Border with neigboring countries?
  37. In GDP what is the rank of India?
  38. India Flag Designed in which state?
  39. Solar Alliance Meeting 2022 Venue?
  40. Father of Operation flood?
  41. SI unit of Mass?
  42. Ashok Lion is situated in which place?
  43. Total no of PSBs in India?
  44. Nobel Gas?
  45. Chief Guest of Republic day 2023 in India?
  46. Football World Cup Hosting Country?
  47. Last Governor-general of India
  48. What is its rank of India in the climate risk Index?
  49. Full form of PMJJBY?
  50. Contingent rich in gold and Diamond?
  51. How many members on Monetary Policy Committees?
  52. Founder of Vijay Nagar Empire?
  53. First President of INC?
  54. Another name of Vitamin C?
  55. Artermic Mission?
  56. Kundunkulam power plant?
  57. Element of POP?
  58. full name of Niti Aayog?
  59. Pan- p stands for?
  60. Stand-UP India launch year?
  61. Sharath kamal Achanta belongs to which sports?
  62. Panchayat raj Ministry?
  63. SI unit of temperature?
  64. Indira Sagar Dam is Situated on which river?
  65. World Environment day?
  66. Donyio Polo Airport?
  67. Badalpur Fort Situated?
  68. Mid-Day meal scheme launched in which year?
  69. National Reptiles of India?


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GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023 |_4.1


How many GS Questions are there in the FCI Assistant Grade 3 Phase 1 Exam 2023?

There is a total of 25 questions in the FCI Assistant Grade 3 Phase 1 Exam 2023.

What was the level of the GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023?

The level of the GS Questions Asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam 2023 was Moderate.

What are the FCI Assistant Grade 3 Prelims Exam Date 2023?

FCI Assistant Grade 3 Prelims Exam Date 2023 are 1st, 7th, 14th & 21st January 2023.

What is the selection process for the FCI Assistant Grade 3?

The selection process for the FCI Assistant Grade 3 is Phase 1 & Phase 2.

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