Happy Goverdhan Pooja 2020

Goverdhan puja is performed on the next day post Diwali puja. It is considered as one of the auspicious and important day in the Diwali celebration in the Hindu religion. In some of the parts of the country it is also known as  ‘Padwa’ or ‘Varshapratiprada’. The day is popularly celebrated in the state of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Bihar. Adda247 wishes all the readers a very happy goverdhan.

Why Goverdhan Puja is performed?

According to the Hindu religion and mythology, the “Vishnu Puraan”, the people of Gokul, Mathura used to worship Lord Indra for providing them with rains. They have firm faith in him to provide rain and prosperity. But Lord Krishna tell them that it was mount Goverdhan who is responsible for the rain and not Indra. This is how people started following Lord Krishna and Mount Goverdhan.

What people do in the Goverdhan Puja?

This festival is also known as Annakoot, the mountain of food. People worship Lord Krishna and prepare 56 varieties of food for him which is referred to as bhog.

One ritual is performed in which people from cow dung in horizontal position makes the staue of Lord Krishna.After, completing the structure it is decorated by Diyas and other decorated items,the seenkh (a material which is same as the broom’s chaff),candles andat night people worship the structure and prepare different kinds of food to offer to Lord Krishna.

We wish you all the best for your upcoming opportunities. May Lord Krishna shower prosperity and wisdom this Diwali. A very Happy Diwali and Goverdhan to all of you.

Enjoy the festival along with balancing your studies!! Make good use of every opportunity you get this year.