How to avoid exam stress on THE EXAM DAY ? 5 Pro-tips !

You are not the only one who is stressed about the exams. Believe us it is a common story with almost all of us. The last minute sweating and nervousness a day before the exam or even in the exam hall is something that we all have faced.

There are a lot of exams lined up these days. In such situations it’s quite obvious that students can get stressed and depressed. To avoid it, we are here with 5 pro tips to ensure that you are stress free while you are in the exam room

1- Get organized a day before

The night before exam is usually the most restless one. We suggest that instead of thinking about unnecessary tensions, you should focus on keeping your things ready for the exam day. Admit card, stationary and all the necessary items must be put together. Organize yourself . Plan how you are going to reach the venue. Keep the alternatives ready as well. This can help you stay proactive. Also, we suggest that DO NOT read new topics the night before the exam. You can utmost revise the old stuff but it would be best if you could put your mind to complete rest. It helps you to freshen up.

2- Eat light before heading out for exam

On the exam day, prefer having some light and healthy snacks. Remember, you do not have to skip your food, unless weakness might take over. A weak mind won’t allow you to concentrate better. Also, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Take a water bottle along in the exam hall. A healthy mind is really necessary for building up focus and answering within time limits. So, remember to eat better and healthy throughout your preparations, but especially on the exam day !

3-Relax yourself and get eased

Once you reach the venue, try to be at ease in the exam hall. Go to the washroom, get relaxed and wash your face, if needed. If you have travelled much, then washing your face can refresh you to a whole new level and make you feel good too. In the hall, sit on your seat comfortably, take a deep breath and calm down. Look around and get familiar with your surroundings. The more you get comfortable with the environment, the more you feel confident and the better you can attempt,

4- Analyze the paper carefully

Now, when you get the questions on the sheet or screen, it is important to first take a good time to examine all the questions. You need to analyze the paper and generalize how far you are at comfort with the paper. Calculate the time and the questions. Distribute your time effectively. Usually one gets an idea after looking at the questions that how much will they be able to attempt with confidence. Once you figure this out, you can start with answering the section that you think is your strength and can be answered in less time. This will help you gain some more confidence and also help you to manage the time.

5- Mock tests at your rescue

To increase your exam day confidence by multiple times, these can be your best asset. With a proper time restrained environment and exactly exam-like question sets, mock tests help you get familiar with the actual exam environment. You can get rid of the rush and exam-room nervousness by giving these tests. Overall, mock tests seem to be a good value for money. Many students who prepare on their own, prefer to at least take up multiple mock tests in order to increase their success rate.

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