How To Crack IBPS Clerk Mains In 10 Days: Tips For Final Selection

IBPS Clerk Mains Strategy: IBPS clerk is just a few days away and it is the time to make a strategy for the remaining days to revise all the basic concepts so that you can recall them easily during examination. Making a fine and organized strategy will help you to keep a check on the important topics and must do questions. This is the time to question yourself if you are prepared to face the final challenge? Is your strategy is going to work in the IBPS Clerk exam or not?

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Students can expect the level of the IBPS Clerk Mains exam to be difficult according to the recent examination trend. You need to buckle up your preparation by refining your knowledge on the certain topics that are expected to come. Below are some points which you must follow if you are aiming your selection in IBPS Clerk this time.

 IBPS Clerk Mains 10 Days Strategy

General Tips

  • Revise thoroughly from the previous years papers to get familiar with the expected topics.
  • Time management and accuracy should be your first priority.
  • Read all the important/scoring topics and revise them religiously.
  • Make a sheet of the task to be done in the left out days.
  • If possible or not necessary do not start something new  when you are left with short time in your hand.
  • Revise all the syllabus and go through the important notes carefully.
  • Decide time for every subjects and read them daily.
  • Solve a mock test daily with keeping time in mind and analyze your weak areas and work on them.
  • Stick to the plan as consistency will help you in succeeding easily.

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For English Language:

  • Focus on topics like Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Para jumbles.
  • Start with comprehension. This may take 5 minutes but has the highest accuracy as they are generally easier. This will help you clear the sectional cut-off for English comfortably.
  • Attempt cloze test and Para Jumbles next to increase your overall score.
  • English section is the highest scoring section of IBPS Clerk Mains if prepared well.
  • Attempt sectional mock test that will help to gain speed and accuracy.
  • You can also attempt daily quiz to help yourself sail through this section.

For Quantitative Aptitude:

  • Practice sectional mock as much as you can.
  • Learn short tricks that can save your time in the examination.
  • Start practicing daily quizzes to get a more insightful practice drill.
  • Practice full length mock as well in which you will experience the sectional timing and the need to make improvement in each section.

For General Awareness:

  • Read news paper daily for daily current affairs.
  • Watch News daily to keep yourself updated.
  • Be aware of everything that is happening around.
  • Keep yourself updated with the financial terms and services.
  • Do not leave the whole syllabus to be grasped at the last moment. Revise everything timely.

For Reasoning Section:

  • Practice different types of puzzles daily and try to solve at least 10-15 puzzles daily.
  • Apart from the puzzles give importance to the topics that have been asked in the recent banking examinations.
  • Practice topics like, Syllogism, Machine Input and output, Blood relation, coding decoding, Direction sense etc.
  • Do not forget to practice from the sectional test or full length mock test for analysis of the performance.

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