How to Excel in Group Discussions? | Canara and Syndicate bank PO (PGDBF)

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After Syndicate Bank and Canara Bank written exam results, the qualified students have to go through two more rounds, Group Discussion and Personal Interview. This is the most important phase because after coming this far you really do not want to miss that mark because you probably did not pay heed to these two sections. For achieving your dream of becoming Probationary Officer, you must prepare yourself well for these rounds. 

To overcome this phase, the first and the foremost thing that one must know is that why do banks conduct a group discussion round in recruitment process? It is important to understand that what is the motive of an organization behind the rounds they conduct for their recruitment process? If an aspirant is well aware of what the organization is looking for and how well can he deliver it to them, he can easily go through any round of recruitment process.

Banks conduct this round because they want to know how well you can handle the responsibilities assigned to you. For the post of a probationary officer, they expect you to have a good command over language with efficient speaking skills and good leadership qualities. Also, they require a person who is well updated with the current happenings around the world.
Here are some tips to crack a Group Discussion.

  • You should dress appropriately, as it sets your first impression on the panelists.
  •  Most importantly, try to maintain your body language. Your body language speaks a lot about your personality and your confidence. So, try to stay calm and composed and stay confident.
  • Listen to the topic very carefully when it is being introduced. It is very much important to understand the topic properly. The whole group discussion is centered around its topic. 
  • Grab the opportunity to speak first, i.e. try to initiate the group discussion with your opinion. It generally leaves a good impression on the examiner, but take the move only if you have complete knowledge of the subject.
  • During the discussion try not to repeat a point, or be lengthy or irrelevant. Also intervene, if someone else is going on an irrelevant track.
  •  Be an active and dynamic participant. The examiner wants to hear you speak. So, do put forth your points but do not go off the track. 
  • Try to avoid altercations, but in case you get involved in any argument then try to keep yourself calm. Do not raise your voice or shout.  Use your mental excellence to win arguments, not your physical aggressiveness.
  • Think well before you speak. You are being heard and judged upon. Be a good listener and listen to the points put forward by others as well.
  •  Use quotes, facts and figures, statements, everyday life examples to express a clear chain of thoughts. Also, it might leave a good impression on the examiner and help you score well.
  •  Try to keep up with as much information on the latest happenings and also on various general topics.
  •  Lastly, be natural, do not try to be someone you are not. Be yourself and stay confident from the minute you enter the room. 
There are no specific topics for GD but the possibility is more that it might be related to the current affairs. Read newspaper daily and stay updated on the current topics. 

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