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How To Identify Easy Questions in Real Exams

Success in exams is not solely based on your preparation or how much information you have. With exams getting tougher and an increase in the number of candidates who appear for these competitive examinations, real-time exam strategies have become all the more important. One such aspect of ensuring success in the examination is Identifying Easy Questions in Real Exams.  Based on the strategies adopted by toppers for these examinations we can safely – How To Identify Easy Questions in Real Exams is a skill that all candidates must have.

Why Identify Easy Questions

Gone are the days when exams judged subject matter knowledge solely.  With the evolution in competitive examination question papers nowadays are framed in a way that effective situational awareness of candidates is put to test. Many candidates can get intimidated after seeing the tough questions and lose confidence and calm. The apex levels exam bodies like UPSC, State PCS, and RBI deliberately set questions in a manner that candidates if short-sighted can lose out on selection. If a candidate panics after seeing the tough question he may attempt the easy questions wrong too.

Here comes the role of Easy Questions, they are not only easy to solve but also set the tempo of the examination. They are an effective way to glide into solving a tough question with a gradual progression of difficulty. Most of the toppers and experienced candidates focus on the easy question in the beginning. As the chances of going wrong in these exams are significantly low at the beginning.


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How To Identify Easy Questions

Many candidates are also in doubt about what are easy questions. There are a few standard steps to identify easy questions. The steps and process may vary form candidate to candidate but the essence remains the same. Here are some practical tips on How To Identify Easy Questions.

  • Identify which section you are comfortable with-  In real exams all the candidates have a few sections in which they are comfortable the most. If the exam pattern allows you to attend sections at will opt for the comfortable section first.
  • Glance through the paper in the first 5 minutes to get a sense of the exam and questions.
  • Opt for one-word questions as they are easier to solve – either you know them or you don’t.
  • In competitive exams,  questions that you may have solved before may be easy for you.
  • Questions that are based on recommended books and content are generally considered easy.
  • Focus on questions that have simple digits – i.e. 0, 5, etc.
  • Look for direct questions that are repeated – it is expected that candidates must have a thorough knowledge of past years’ questions.

With small and practical test steps you can ensure you came out with flying colors in the examination.

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What is the best way to identify easy questions?

The candidates can check the best way to identify the easy questions above.

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