How to score in reading comprehension for IBPS Clerk Prelims?

If you are a banking aspirant you must be knowing that the English language is an important section in the banking exams and it scares most of the candidates as it doesn’t have a defined syllabus and anything can be asked from any topic of grammar but one topic that surely comes is reading comprehension and this topic also carries a lot of weightage around 10 to 12 questions are based on reading comprehension topic. Many candidates failed to crack the IBPS and other banking exams as they were unable to qualify the sectional cut-off of English section. It means that it is time that candidates focus on reading comprehension in order to access the English section and score good. That is why we will be discussing the best way to score good marks In Reading comprehension in IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2020.

How to score good in Reading Comprehension in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020 ?

IBPS CRP Clerk X Prelims exam is going to be held on 5th, 12th & 19th December 2020. Candidates have less than a month to improve their chances of scoring maximum in the exam. In this process scoring good marks in the English Section is also important specially in the reading comprehension part as it carries a lot of weightage. It is important for the candidates to have an improved vocabulary, writing skills and specially reading skills in order to ace the reading comprehension section. Now we will be discussing on how to improve these factors easily.

  • Read Editorials – Start reading newspaper if you haven’t started yet. This is one of the main step to prepare for the topic. Reading editorials and articles in the newspaper will push your boundaries in order to have a good reading skills.
  • Improve vocabulary – Vocabulary refers to the words we must understand to communicate effectively. In order to improve the vocabulary it is important to develop a reading habit. Candidates can also read dictionaries in their free time and look at some words that they can use in daily life that will shine their vocabulary skill.Practising new words in their conversation will make them improve their speaking vocabulary. An improved vocabulary skill also helps in a better understanding of the comprehension.

Now let us have a look on some tips on how to practise and attempt the reading comprehension in order to score maximum marks

Give Mocks

This is the best way to analyse the type of questions that the candidates are comfortable in. This is the best way to learn your weakness as well as your strength. Determining both these factors will help the aspirants to attempt their own field of questions easily.Give mocks – this is the best way to analyse the type of questions that the candidates are comfortable in. This is the best way to learn your weakness as well as your strength. Determining both these factors will help the aspirants to attempt their own field of questions easily.

Also Check,

Read books of different genre

Reading books and articles of your own interest might not expand your area of excelling your reading habit. That is why it is important for the candidates to read books of different joiners to expand their vision and have a better understanding of the comprehensions.

Passage or Questions first?

This is the biggest dilemmas of the candidates is whether to read the passage first or the questions . according to our experts The best way to do so is to read the passage first with no intention of finding the answers. Skimming through the passage with no intention of answering it will enable the students to get a basic idea of the passage. Later the candidate should read the questions and do a fast reading of the passage again with an intention of finding an answer. This will not only help them finding the answers correctly but also will double check whether the answer being answered is correct or not.

Eliminate Options

English literature is like a deep sea we are nobody can reach. It is also very difficult for candidates to master this. One of the easiest ways to find the correct answer is to learn the art of elimination. After reading the questions the candidates should start comparing the options and see which options can be ruled out. For example out of four options if two options are very obvious to be ruled out then the candidates are left with only two options to choose from which is much easier to answer then having four options.

Do not answer all the questions!!

We all know that there are negative markings for each incorrect options that the candidates choose. Even if the candidates read the entire passage that does not mean that they have to answer all the questions in it. Answer only the questions that they are confident and double sure about.

What to do if Reading Comprehension is Lengthy?

Some candidates find the readding comprehensions lengthy and sometimes not much time is left to read the entire comprehension and answer the questions during the prelims exam. In this situation the aspirants cant answer all the questions but some questions can be answered without reading the entire comprehension. Have a look at the below points that will help you in a situation like this:
  • Focus on the opening and closing paragraphs of longer passages. 
  • Try to answer questions that are theme-based.
  • “Who said to whom” questions can be easily identified 
Leaving the entire reading comprehension and all the questions won’t help the aspirants rather will lower their scoring chances. Aspirants are advised to follow the above points and at least try to secure marks by attempting 2-3 questions.