Quick Revision Vocab PDF for IBPS Clerk Prelims

Questions based on vocabulary, no doubt has gained popularity in the English Language Section of Banking exams. Questions based on vocab are now not just based on the antonym and synonym of a word. There has been many kind of questions based on vocab. Such type of questions are even asked in the reading comprehension in different types of format.

We are here providing you a Free IBPS Clerk prelims vocab PDF of 30 Important Vocabulary. These are not just random 30 words, but they are from a collection of passages from The Hindu Editorial Section that will help you in IBPS Clerk exam. So practice and learn these vocab for bank exam as a mode of quick revision for IBPS Clerk prelims 2019.

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Reading is the key to improve your vocab. Read articles, blogs and various standard materials. When you read, you will come across various new words. Learn these words and look for their meanings. Reading is the tool to be proficient in vocabulary. Only mugging up the meanings won’t help. Try to learn atleast 5 or 10 words daily (according to ones suitability) and use them in your day to day life. Make sentences by using those words and use them daily. This can help you memorize those words more easily.

When you come across a new word, find atleast 3-4 synonyms and antonyms for those words and learn them. By this you will learn more words in a day. You can also try to manage a notebook and write all the new words and their synonyms and antonyms as this will help you in revision. It is very important to revise the words that you have learnt because its not easy to remember the words without revising them.Download IBPS clerk vocab and revise something new.

Download free Vocabulary PDF for IBPS Clerk Prelims exam 2019

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