IBPS Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 5th October 2019

IBPS Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
With the increasing level in exams, quantitative aptitude has become the ineluctable hitch. Generally, questions asked in this section are calculative and lengthy that consumes your time. This subject can do wonders if you always keep a check on your accuracy, speed and time. Accuracy is what matters the most.  Attempt this quantitative aptitude quiz and check your performance for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Prelims Study Plan 2019. Following is the quiz of 5th October, that inculcate the Practice set

Direction (1-5): – Line graph given below shows percentage of defective article out of total manufactured article in five different company i.e. (A, B, C, D and E).

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Q1. If ratio between total no. of article manufactured in company C to company E is 1:2. Find ratio of defective article manufactured in E to that of C?

Q2. If no. of article manufactured in each company are equal, find no. of non-defective article manufactured in company D are how much percent more/less than no. of non-defective article manufactured in company B?

Q3. No. of defective article manufactured by company A is 96. Find total no. of article manufactured by company A?

Q4. If ratio of defective article of company C to that of D is 2:3. Find ratio between total no. of article manufactured by company C to that of company D?
(e)Can’t be determine.

Q5. If difference between no. of article manufactured by company A and D is 200 and ratio of no. of article manufactured by A to D is 7:6. Find no. of non-defective article manufactured by A?

Q6. A alone can complete a piece of work in 4 days working 9 hours a day while B alone can complete the same piece of work in 9 days working 5 hours a day. If they work on alternate days (starting with A), then how much time they will take to complete the same work working 5 hours a day?
(a)4 days
(b)8 days
(c)9 days
(d)2 days
(e)6 days

Q7. Two identical walls of same height can be built in 8hr and 10hr by A and B respectively. If both starts building the wall at the same time, find after how much time ratio of the unbuild part of walls built by A and B become 15:16?

Q8. 5 men and 3 women can earn Rs. 4550 working together for 7 hours a day whereas 3 men and 5 women can earn Rs. 6600 working together for 12 hours a day. Find in how many hours 2 men and 2 women can earn Rs. 2100 working together?

Q9. 6 Men can complete a task in 120 days working 6 hours a day. Find how much time 4 women will take to complete the same task with 75% of man’s efficiency working 8 hours a day?
(a) 240 days
(b) 180 days
(c) 120 days
(d) 224 days
(e) 108 days

Q10. If a rectangular iron slab of length, breadth and thickness of 24 cm, 18 cm and 4 cm respectively is melted to form a cube, then find the total surface area of the cube.

Q11. Radius of a circle whose area is 24.64 cm² is what percent of 14 cm length?
(a) 2%
(b) 12%
(c) 25%
(d) 20%
(e) 2.5%

Q12. What is the curved surface area of a cylinder whose height and radius is 2.8 cm and 7.2 cm respectively?
(a) 63.36 cm²
(b) 158.4 cm²
(c) 168.96 cm²
(d) None of these
(e) 126.72 cm²

Directions (13-15) :- What approximate value should come in place of question mark (?) in following questions.

Q13. 24.97% of 1459.98 – ? % of 1120.4 = 29.04
(a) 34
(b) 27
(c) 25
(d) 20
(e) 30

(a) 6
(b) 7
(c) 9
(d) 4
(e) 5

Q15. 10.98% of 11.04% of 10999 = ?
(a) 121
(b) 130
(c) 137
(d) 133
(e) 127

If you want to study Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS PO Prelims then you can also check out the video given below: