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IBPS PO 2019 Interview: How to Introduce Yourself?

IBPS PO interview Tips 2019-2020: IBPS has finally released the IBPS PO interview call letter and IBPS PO interview will be conducted in the month of January and February. Aspirants who have cleared the mains examination can now download the interview call lettter to check the details like place of interview, date of interview, time of interveiw etc.

IBPS PO 2019 Interview: How to Introduce Yourself?_3.1

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IBPS PO Interview Round 2019: Here’s How You Can Prepare Yourself For This Round

Now it is the time to prepare for the IBPS PO interview round.Candidates aspiring to pursue their career in the public sector bank on the post of Probationer Officer must be ready to face the interview. The interview phase has a wide area and so demands a different approach. In an interview, your personality is tested, unlike the prelims and mains stage where the knowledge is tested.

IBPS PO Interview will be conducted at the selected places which will be mentioned by the organizing body for the final selection. This article is dedcated to the commonly asked question i.e How to introduce yourself?

The question that may hit one’s mind who is preparing for the last straw i.e personal interview round of IBPS PO recruitment processes is, “How to score maximum marks in IBPS PO Interview to make it to the final selection?” So, students, Adda247 get you the best tips on how to crack IBPS PO Interviews 2019-2020. Today, we will be discussing the most recurrent question in the history of interviews, i.e. “Tell us something about yourself”. Introducing yourself is not a hard task but when a systematic introduction is needed, you need to prepare yourself confidently.

Before we dive into the tips, let us find out why the interview is conducted before the final selection? Check the objective behind the IBPS PO interview process.

Below mentioned are the few things that are tested in the interview round.

  • Your competency for the post applied
  • Test of personal insights and attributes
  • Experience and expertise in the field
  • Enthusiasm and Interest in the banking sector
  • Career Goals and ambitions for your job profile

How to introduce yourself in IBPS PO Interview?

The important points that one needs to keep in mind to answer this question efficiently are as follows:

1. Name: Give a short and brief answer to it. Do not just talk about useless things. Make sure you answer each and everything with confidence.

2. Place: Specify the place where you are from. If you are living far away from your family mention it too.

3. Academics/Educational Qualifications: Be very sure while giving the asnwer to it. They may cross question about your academic qualification.

4. Gap: If there is any gap between your education mention it. Also mention the valid reason for the gap between your education.

5. Strengths/Weaknesses: Higlight your strength and weakness. Do not just say your are emotional or emotionally strength. Mention your capabilities related to work environment.

6. Family: You may also be asked to tell them a few things about your family members. They might put up questions on the organization your mother/ father/ sister/ brother works with. So, keep yourself abreast of every such information to answer the questions appropriately.

7. Hobbies: Mention your intrest in the different fields. You can also mention about the curriculum activities if you have partcipated in any.

Apart from the giving above answers one should know that everybody has a different approach mere copying of the answers from other source would be of no help. It is the art of explaining yourself that only you have to present. So make sure you present yurself very confidently.

Be positive and confident while answering the interviewers’ questions. We hope these tips help you perform to the best of your ability in the Personal Interview round of IBPS PO Examination 2019.

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Tips to prepare for IBPS PO Interview round 2019-2020

Prepare A Study Plan: Once you prepare a study plan for an examination, you are bound to give a certain amount of time to a particular topic or subject. Once you are done with a particular topic, you are kind of excited for the next one. Also, when there is a plan, there is a deadline to wind up certain topics within a certain period of time.

Keep Yourself Abreast Of Current Affairs: So much is happening every day that unless you keep yourself abreast of these changes you cannot adjust yourself to them or tackle them during personal interview round of a competitive examination. To save your precious time, we provide you with an alternative that is our “Daily GK Update” (Available in both Hindi and English languages) that incorporates only the news that is important from the point of view of competitive examinations. 

Work On Your Strengths/Weaknesses: If you are good at a particular subject/topic, keep working on it until you become excellent at it (avoid the habit of procrastination). Also, if your concepts on any topic are not clear, you can watch free Youtube videos, refer to Adda247 Publications hard copy books or e-books and be on the ball to face the personal interview round of IBPS  PO 2019-2020.

Prepare for IBPS PO interview with the latest ebook, and Live batch by Anil Bhatnagar sir, EX G.M of SBI.

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IBPS PO 2019 Interview: How to Introduce Yourself?_4.1

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