IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Pune) – 10

Ok this is my ibps po interview experience 
Scheduled on 3 Feb at Pune BOM training college 

After finishing biometric and documents verification procedure I entered into interview room 
At that time I was completely dressed like professional banker I.e. formal with blazer. 
That’s why they didn’t ask me regarding banking terms 

There were 5 Pannel members 

Firstly as soon as I entered they started reading my form details and documents 
It continues till last panel member like train started travelling from one place to another 
M1: so Rahul Ur Name

I replied replied yes sir electrical (electronics and power)

M3: ok power
Tell us what is electronics and Power 

M3; ( female) are you aware about current Power scenario 
And what is the scheme named launched by pm regarding free power supply to people 

M2, you are from? 

I replied (like over done it) sir I AM from tiger capital of India Nagpur 

M3: why tiger capital not from orange city 

I replied sir there are many tiger reserve project s near Nagpur like nagzira, tadoba

Okk ok

M3 : So whatever you studied in Ur graduation 
 How that will helps you in banking 

I replied: sir I done so much graphic all analysis and played with number many times 
 Also I overstated like sir I have good basic banking knowledge but not that much I have sufficient one I have good convincing capability and good communication skills do I am most suitable for this job 
(That was my biggest mistake I consider)

M4 (female) : tell us any two points of budget that u consider important 

I answer 3 point like railway budget 
Total cost of budget and mnrega
She asked me full form of mgnrega 

I replied Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee act

She asked what is important of mgnrega

I replied sorry mam I don’t know 

She asked me again then why do you think it’s important 

I replied there is word mentioned employment that attracts me a lot 

M4: ok Rahul tell us what is the current affair you know regarding electrical engineering at present 

I replied sorry I started banking study from last 6 month so I am confident about banking now a days
 While studying I link regular example with my studies 

Overall says good

Then suddenly one member Suggested me
 M5 :  you should know about about power scenario as well

M3: what is current ratio?
Sorry sir I don’t know 
I got confused and asked him weather he was asking about CRR, Repo, reverse repo , SLR etc
He straight forward said no
Tell me what is current ratio 

I again replied sorry sir 

Then he said 
Good Rahul you can go now
I said thankyou sir 
I greeted all thank-you all 
Open door gently and left the room 

So in this way overall 
I felt like ok
Interview was 50 ℅ good 
50℅ worse
Because I did many blunder mistake

So I recommend you guys 
Have basic knowledge of the graduation and related current affairs 
And yes
Demonetisation and budget  as well

All the best?Thanks to all… Wish you ALB

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