IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Kerala) – 15

My IBPS  PO VI interview experience
Date: 05/02/2017
Venue: Canara Bank Circle office, Trivandrum, Kerala
Time: 1 pm
Panel: 4th

After verification and  waiting for half an hour, I was called to an interview room,

I: Knocked, may I get in sir,??
M1: yes, please come inside
I: Thank you, sir
M2: Please take your seat
Four male members  one female member
F1 was busy with some work, and I felt that it was intentional to check me, so I wished her a good afternoon once again, she smiled and wished me in return.

M1, who was supposed to be the  chairman, asked me, why am I wearing a  tie ?,(most of the guys presented in the interview was without a tie, unexpected)
I: sir, as I was working with an Insurance company, grooming is an important factor there, and in most important events it is mandatory for us to wear a tie, and this interview is a very much important event in my life, that’s why I wore a tie.

M1: good, so Shilu, please tell me something about yourself?? And tell me your strengths too…..
(fortunately didn’t ask for Weakness)
I: done well

F1: As you have experience in banc assurance field, tell me, why banks promote  Insurance through banks ??
I: Managed to explain the same( Third party revenue is the simple answer)
M3: Three questions from blood transfusion, regarding age criteria and blood donation eligibility
(they included this  question because I have said an achievement I have in blood donation)
I: Explained them
M4: What do you know about Capital Market ??/
I: I was some sort doubtful about this question, as I just don’t know, how to explain it???
When, I was about to tell a sorry, M4, interrupted and asked me who is the regulator of Capital Market??
OMG, it was indeed a flyover for me, SEBI has given me a rebirth and he asked me about IPO, and he asked for any news regarding IPO and Insurance,
I: The disinvestment of  Public Sector GIC’s  up to 25% strikes my mind, and answered the same,

M4 was waiting for that answer and he has given the baton to M3 with a smile and ok

M3: tell me bulk investment or SIP is good for a customer??
I told them Systematic Investment Plan is good, as they will provide customer with a chance to buy up and down of share value and will get an average return, all the time
M3  was satisfied
M1: Ok, shilu, wish you good luck and take sweets too…..
I: sir, shall I take 4 sweets?

M1 was surprised for a moment, and before asking anything, I just continued,
Sir, as my family is waiting outside, I wanna share my interview experience with them, starting with a sweet.
They laughed and said, that’s nice dear…Please ..
Thank you, sir,…
So, my role in the interview is over, now it’s up to God …
Wishing all a very successful interview

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