IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Lucknow) – 32

Graduation: BTECH
Place: Lucknow Grand GBR Hotel Viraj khand
Date: 7th February 2017

Hello Friends!!!
Here I am going to discuss my IBPS PO interview experience. This was my second interview of IBPS after recently faced RRB PO and I rectified my previous mistakes which I made earlier in RRB PO. I think my biggest mistake was to tell him that I am an IAS aspirant since three years yet I don’t know that it was a mistake or plus point for me. These doubts will be cleared after RRB PO results.

I reached at the center at 1:00 PM at reporting time. Document verification and Biometric gone smoothly on time. But I had to wait till evening and my interview started at 5:45 PM and ended at 6:00 PM.

Panel: 1     M1 M2 M3 M4 and F1
First I greeted by saying good evening Ma’am, Good evening sir.

M3: Tell me something about yourself.
Me: Answered.

M3: After doing job in MNC for 3 years why you decided to leave it and after leaving what you have done since three years from 2013 till now?
Me: Sir, main cause was the job security which I don’t see in a private sector after 10-15 years when this would be much needed for me as well as my family. After leaving the job I started preparing for government sector as well as public sector jobs.

M3: What you achieved in these three years?
Me: Sir, I have been qualified for IAS mains in 2014 but not selected in mains. Given SSC mains(2014), Lower PCS mains(2016), lekhpal interview(2016), Railway N.T.P.C Mains(2016),IBPS PO mains two times and appeared in RRB PO interview this year and now I am here in IBPS PO interview.

M2: ok, that’s good, what do you know about RBI and what is the functioning of RBI?
Me: RBI is a central bank of country it controls the exchange rate and brings financial stability in the economy by monetary policy instruments like bank rate, repo rate, reverse repo rate, CRR and SLR and controls inflation, deflation, and stagflation in the economy.

M2: What is stagflation?
Me: Stagflation is a situation of inflation with deflation over a long period.

M3: What do you know about NABARD?
Me: NABARD is a refinance agency; M3 suddenly stopped me and asked about refinance.

Me: Refinance agencies finance some financial institutions first like RRBs and then RRBs will finance further to its consumers directly.

M2: what will you do for rural sector as an administrator?
Me: Sir, without financial inclusion, social inclusion is not possible so first I will try my best to avail the basic financial facilities to rural population by implementing the different inclusion schemes at ground level. 

M3 Suddenly stopped me and asked what schemes?
Me: Lead banking, BSBDA, Jan dhan yojna, Swabhiman,White level ATM, banking correspondents etc.

M3: Lead banking?
Me: Lead banks are the banks in each district which have maximum branches in rural sectors as well as sufficient finance and human resources and they coordinate all the functioning of every financial institution in their perspective areas.

M3: what is the relation between inflation and economic growth and if both are possible?
Me: Yes, both are possible in an economy and in the situation of inflation the employment also generates but inflation should be in single digit if it crosses then it will be perilous for any economy.
M3 was much satisfied with this and said good.

M3: Ok beta, all the best!!!!
Me: Thank You Sir and have a great evening!!!
M3: You too!!

They were all happy and satisfied with each and every answer given by me and the most important thing if You are telling them that you are preparing for IAS or something like that then be prepare and more confident in your answers and don’t forget to attach your work experience as I didn’t in RRB PO but this time I attached every document and by knowing this they appreciated it.

Vikas Tiwari
All the Best!!!!!
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