IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Ahmedabad) – 07

Dear Readers,

I am Ankur Sutariya. Today I would like to share my interview experience with all the aspirants. 
First of all Thank u very much Bankersadda for providing such a great platform to prepare for banking exams and also to share my interview experience. I am a silent reader of this site. 

Venue: Dena Bank, Ashram road Ahmedabad
Date: 02-02-2017 1 pm 
4 sirs & 1 Mam 

When I was going for interview I thought it would be on budget facts and about demonetisation because it was a first day of interview but it was not. I entered in the bank at 1 pm and interview started at 6 pm 

I :May I come in sir 
Panel: Yes come in .Please take your seat 

Forgot to greet and suddenly remembered I said good evening mam good evening sir. They said its ok please take your seat. 

M1: Tell me about yourself 
I: Told them 

M1: What have you prepared for interview? Have you read economics? 
I: Sir I was preparing for civil services examination so I know basics about economics. 

M1: You were preparing for upsc so I will ask you above avg question . 
What is the difference between social banking and commercial banking?
I: I told them but they were not satisfied. Actually I could not connect the question properly. 

M1: What u know about MCLR? 
I: I told them

I could not feeling comfortable so asked permission to speak in hindi. 

M1: What MCLR includes? 
I: answered 
Lady : What is Priority sector lending? 
I: answered 
Lady: What it includes? 
I: answered

Lady: What is the purpose? 
I: answered our democracy inclined towards socialism and they were satisfied 
M2: What happen if not PSL? 
I: answered it leads to inequality and our democracy not allow it. 
M2: What is the significance of 1969? 
I: Nationalization

M3: What was the purpose? 

M3: What happened if no nationalisation happened? 
I: answered 

M1: What the stake of govt in %
I: above 50%

In one question which I could not remember I brought 1 another concept of small saving scheme purposefully. I told them RBI decreases the rate but banks will not.

M2: Why they are not decreasing? 
I: answered high rate of small savings scheme.

M3: What is the connection with high rate of small savings schemes? 
I: answered Profit margin 

M4: What is make in India? 
I: answered 

M4: What is the purpose? 
I: answered them sir when I was sitting in a hall for document verification I noticed that majority of the candidates were engineers you also noticed it. Why they are coming here? There are 2 types of candidates . one are those who are coming here by choice and second those who are here forcefully because of unemployment in manufacturing sector. This will be curbed by make in India. Also it will decrease import and eventually current account deficit will boost growth. And they were satisfied. 
Then some questions regarding my profile 

M2: You have completed schooling in one city then engineering in other city and living in another city why? 
I: answered transferable job of my parents and also I wanted to get admission in govt college. 

M1: Are you ready for all india posting? 
I: answered yes when I filled application form I was aware about it . Infact I am adaptable for this because of my fathers transferable job. 

Panel: All the best

It was a great experience because it was my first interview.it was around 15 to 20 minutes. All the members were very helpful and they make us comfortable and also make sure that we will not feel nervousness. And thank god it was fully conceptual not factual. All the best friends who r qualified for interview . Think positive and be confident.

Thanks to all… Wish you ALB

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