IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Trivandrum) – 26

Date: 9/2/17
Venue: Canara Bank, Trivandrum (Kerala)
Time: 1 pm
Reached venue at 12:30. Document verification went smoothly. Completed by 12:45 pm. Refreshments were provided. I was called for an interview at 4:15 pm.

4 Male and 1 female panellists

Wished them Good Evening and took my seat.

P1: Introduce yourself.

Me: Told them my graduation (B.Tech Biotechnology) and my work experience, family background.

P2: Ok, so you have worked and did your B.Tech. So, I don’t think you required coaching for bank exams.

Me: No Sir

P2: How many times you attempted IBPS?

Me: Sir, this is my first attempt.

P1: When did you realise that you wanted to work in the banking sector? Why do you want to work in the banking industry?

Me: Sir, I realised that banking is a prestigious job with immense growth opportunities. Also, I wanted to serve the nation as well.

P1: Ok, so why can’t you serve in the biotech sector?

Me: Sir, I need to go abroad to study further as job opportunities are very low here. My current financial condition doesn’t allow me to do so.

P1: You stayed in 2 states (WB and TN), both are run by two ladies. So who do you think is better?

Me: (This is a question to be answered in black or white. Diplomatic answers will not be accepted. As he looked like a Tamilian, I said…) Sir, Thalaivi Jayalalithaa

P1: Why?

Me: Sir, because she has launched so many schemes for the poor. Also, she started as an actress and has grown to be an eminent politician.

P1: But Thalaivi lives in a big palace, but Didi lives in the slums. What are your views on that?

Me: Sir, that is her personal choice but what I feel is that WB under Didi has not seen much development. Example being the Singur-TATA Nano issue. Also, since the past few days, there has been a lot of communal tensions in and around Kolkata.

P1: Ok, do you remember the case against Jayalalithaa?

Me: Yes sir. It was a Disproportionate Assets Case.

P1: Do you still support her then?

Me: Sir, the court has acquitted her of the case. So, I cannot charge her guilty.

Female Panellist: Alright, can you tell me about the Monetary Policy announced yesterday?

Me: Ma’am, the repo rate was kept unchanged at 6.25%, weekly withdrawal limits will be raised to 50000 from Feb 20th and withdrawal limits will be scrapped after March 13th.

Panellist (F): Ok, can you tell me why repo rate was kept unchanged?

Me: Sorry, I can’t recollect at the moment.

Panellist (F) (Smiling): It is not written anywhere. Think for 10 secs and answer.

After thinking, I answered something about demonetisation and liquidity. Panellist was not satisfied. Told me to think for another 10 secs. I gave up.

P3: Ok. can you tell me about Finance Bill of Union Budget?

Me: Sorry Sir, I am not sure

P3: What is Union Budget?

I answered

P3: Can you tell me about budget allocations in agricultural sector stated in the budget?

Told them about KCC and Krishi Vigyan Kendras.

P3: Please tell me about budget allocations in the Biotech sector.

Me: Sir, not much was done in the biotech sector this year, although substantial allocation was given to the health sector.

P3: What was done in the budget last year?

Me: I don’t remember about last year’s budget but in July (I guess) 2016, RCB Bill was passed.

P3: Can you tell me how biotechnology sector can be improved in India?

Me: Sir, even though we are investing in R&D, we need to adopt IPR, Copyright and Patent Practices from the USA if we need to become a global biotech hub.

P3: Do you know about refinance companies?

Me: (I didn’t know that refinance meant something else in the Indian context. I studied the dictionary definition.) I told him but was wrong. I gave up there too.

P4: Have you heard about ALM (Asset Liability Mismatch)?

Me: Yes Sir

P4: Please explain

I answered. Missed about deposits. Told them it was part of assets.

P4: Can you disclose customer information in a bank to the public?

Me: No sir

P4: But, in one case you can. Do you know about it?

Me: Sir, if the customer is a wilful defaulter or has committed any illegal activity, then banks have the right to issue notices to other banks or to the public.

P1: Ok thank you. Please take a toffee before you leave.

Me: Thank you Ma’am…Sir (Took a toffee and left the room)

Interview went on for 15 mins.

(Tips and my Reviews: I felt it was a complete stress interview. Specially when it came to answer the political question. But I managed to keep my cool and a smile on my face throughout, mainly because I am confident of my presentation and communication skills. My interview was above average but not great. ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT USE BOOKISH DEFINITIONS. IT WILL SURELY BACKFIRE IF CONCEPTS ARE NOT CLEAR. Your valuable suggestions will be required. I’ll be able to answer your queries as well, if any. Please comment below and ATB to everyone).


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