IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Bhopal) – 18

Interview Experience – ▅ ▆ ▇ █ βĂĤÚβĂĹĨ 2 █ ▇ ▆ ▅  (Ibps Po) 

Place : Central Bank Officers Training College , Bhopal 

Date : 7th February 2017  

Hello Friends , today I am going to share my IBPS PO – VI  interview experience .
Although I had morning batch but I was very much disappointed by the efforts made by the management. There was a very heavy mismanagement and I will definitely share some key points in the end of this experience , that should help you in a situation which I experienced this time. 

So , I reached the centre around 8 : 15 am  and I got interviewed at 2 : 00 pm and I was literally very tired and my energy levels were very low. 

Document Verification went smooth and slow. The interview went for around 20 minutes. The panel comprised of 4 male members and one Female member, The arrangement was like 
F1, M1, M2, M3, M4. (M2 being the chairman )   

The bell rang .  I went in with permission . Wished Mam first and then all the Sirs. They offered me to sit . 

 M2 – Tell me something about yourself ?  
 Me- Answered . 

M2 – You have done engineering then why banking ? 
Me –  I was prepared for this and answered accordingly. He looked satisfied. ( I suppose). 

M2- You have graduated in 2014. What were you doing till now ? 
Me- Answered . Told them I was working with a real estate firm and only resigned when I got a positive result in Mains. 

M3 – What was your job profile ? 
Me – Answered 

M3 – Any other interests ? 
Me- Told 

F1- What is the difference between Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion ? 
Me – Answered 

M4 – What has government done to increase financial inclusion ? 
Me – Answered 

M5 – Have you used BHIM yet ? 
Me – Answered 

M5 – Tell me the difference between UPI and BHIM ? 
Me- Answered 

M4 – Any other interests ? 
Me – I told singing 

M4 – Sing a song for us  ? 
Me-  I sang “ Jag Ghoomeya “ from the movie Sultan  and in the end said that I dedicate this song to banking industry. 

M3 – You have placed UCO Bank as your top preference why ? 
Me- Answered 

M2 – What are Payments Banks ? 
Me- Answered 

M2 – How are they different from Small Banks ? 
Me- Answered . I used the term Small Finance Banks. 

M2 – What is the difference between Small banks and Small Finance Banks ? 
Me- I answered all that I knew about them regarding their inception , committee related to them and recent developments , fortunately I checked the Savings Account rate for Airtel Payments Banks which helped  and also about how are they promoting cashless and digital banking.

M2 – Are you ready to relocate ? 
Me – Answered 

M2- Who inspires you ? 
Me- Answered (MS Dhoni – his cool and calm nature)

Then they said “Ok you may go now “ . I thanked them although I was very much tired and with low energy level but the satisfaction of being able to answer their questions gave me another energy level. 
So now the most important part of this Interview experience . Please keep these points in mind they might help you – 

I went for my interview literally after 6 hours , empty stomach , no water nothing , that lead to very low energy levels ; so to avoid this always have some chocolates , energy bars , energy drinks to keep your energy levels high . 

Stay confident and trust your preparations and just be yourself . 

That’s all thank you friends for your time.  

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