IBPS PO Mains Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 10th November 2019

Quantitative Aptitude is a nerve-racking section especially in the main examination. The intense practice is required to balance Speed with respect to accuracy. The IBPS PO Mains Study Plan 2019 consists of quantitative aptitude quizzes based on the latest pattern. Moreover, various shortcut tricks & tips have been provided in solutions by experts. Bankeradda will provide daily quizzes for practice as the IBPS PO Mains is scheduled for 30th November 2019. So practice to sail through IBPS PO Mains Exam.

Q1. The ratio of the difference between 3rd year Compound interest and 2nd year compound interest on a certain sum to the difference between three-year compound interest and three-year Simple interest of same sum is 7:19. Find out the compound interest on a sum of Rs. 10800 at same rate of interest for 2 years.

(a) Rs. 3700

(b) Rs. 4200

(c) Rs. 3900

(d) Rs. 3500

(e) Rs. 3600

Q2. The Ratio of ages of Mr. A and his wife are 4:3, and his son age’s is 30% of the age of Mr. A. the age of his daughter is 50% more than that of his son. 5 years ago, the average age of his wife and daughter is 31 years. find out the difference between average age of his wife and daughter and that of Mr. A and his son.

(a) 3 years

(b) 4 years

(c) 8 years

(d) 6 years

(e) 7 years

Q3. The time taken by a train to cross a pole and a tunnel in the ratio of 7:10 and time taken by same train to cross a platform is 26 sec. find out the sum of length of train and tunnel, if the time taken by the train to cross 810m long object is 41 sec and the length of platform is 2 times the length of tunnel.

(a) 460m

(b) 600m

(c) 550m

(d) 480m

(e) 620m

Q5. The speed of trains is inversely proportional to the length of the trains. If the difference between the length of two trains is 200m. both trains crosses each-other in 20sec and 140sec in opposite direction and same direction respectively. Find out the speed of faster train?

(a) 40m/s

(b) 45m/s

(c) 42m/s

(d) 32m/s

(e) 38m/s

Direction (6- 10): In the following questions, two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both equations and give answer among the following options.

(a) if x > y

(b) if x ≥ y

(c) if x < y

(d) if x ≤ y

(e) if x = y or the relationship cannot be established.

Q11. There are two container X and Y, container X contains mixture of water and wine in ratio A : 4 & container Y contains 60 L of water only. 30L of mixture from X taken out and mixed in Y, if ratio of water and wine in Y is 23 : 4. Find A ?

(a) 9

(b) 5

(c) 7

(d) None of these

(e) 11

Q13. Upstream speed in a river is 60% of the downstream speed for same distance. If speed of boat is 24 km/hr then in how much time boat will cover 45 km in upstream and 60 km in downstream together?

(a) 4.5 hours

(b) 7.5 hours

(c) 3.5 hours

(d) 5.5 hours

(e) 6.5 hours

Directions (14-15): What approximate value will come in place of question mark (?) in the given questions: (You are not expected to calculate the exact value.)