IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 05 | Shaheer Rahman

Name: Shaheer Rahman
Interview Date: 02 February 2019
Venue: Central Bank Officers Traning Centre, Bhopal

Reporting  time was 1 PM and I reached 30 mins early. All candidates reached on time and then the checklist was given and we proceeded for document verification. There was problem in biometric verification for 3 people including me and hence we were told to wait and our interview got over at the last with me being 2nd last to be interviewed for the day.

Panel III: 5 Members
Total Members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

“Slowly opened the door and asked for entry. Then greeted all the male panels and for madam separately”.
Starting from my right side M1 asked me to introduce myself. I was about to start, but M2 (senior most in panel) interrupt before I could speak and asked the meaning of my name. I told them. Then they asked me about why I am not working at ISRO. I had mentioned about my project work there for about 2 years. I told them about the eligibility criteria for giving exam 70% . I had 68.7%. 
Then they switched over to asking about my work at Bank of Maharashtra as I have been working there as a cashier for about 4 months. First question I was asked that what was the yesterday’s news for my bank. 
I thought that they might have seen some other news which I hadn’t seen as I didn’t get time to see because yesterday I left the branch late and immediately had to take bus to interview city which is 8 hrs away.
So, I told them that sir yesterday’s work was very much tiresome as 25 new accounts were opened and had to punch ATM cards for all same day as per instructions from higher authorities. Work was more as Manager sir was on leave yesterday. Then madam asked at what time I left Branch then. I told her that it got 7 PM. 
Then they asked that didn’t I see anything about NPA. Actually it skipped my mind at that time. Then I mentioned about 2 other banks being removed from NPA too. 
Then they asked about the branch and how much business it’s doing. It told I don’t know even approx as I am yet to see it. Since I am single clerk there, not much time I get to see other stuffs and it’s been only 4 months approx of working here. 
Now they asked me about my extra achievements. I had submitted some certificates of participation at national and international events for Sudoku competitions and there was one winner certificate too among them. This went on for about 4 minutes.
And after that they told thank you for coming and wished me all the best. I greeted them all and then left the interview room.
After interview 4 employees there at Central Bank (it was that bank for venue) came to me with one of them being the guy who check my documents before interview. All asked me about how the interview went. They asked me about Sudoku and it’s scope. How it’s solved. This went on for another 5-6 minutes. It became another interview after interview. And all 4 shook hands with me and wished me good luck for success and then i left the interview centre.

                                          All The Best Shaheer Rahman!
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