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IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 01 | Abinash Supakar

IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 01 | Abinash Supakar |_2.1

IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience

NAME: Abinash Supakar
VENUE: UCO Bank Building, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
DATE: 31st January 2019

I reached the venue at 8:15 AM. Then the document verification, biometrics  process  all were done within an hour and each candidate was allotted  a serial number i.e. the order  in which each one will enter the interview room. My interview was held at 11.33 AM.

Panel: 5 Members
Total Members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

“I entered the room and greeted all the panel members with a good morning”. 

M1: Please sit down.
ME: Thank you.

M1: Introduce yourself.
ME: I did (I kept it very short with just my name, my home town and my graduation degree). 

M1: Asked me what was I doing after my graduation.
ME: Answered it as I was preparing for  public service exams.

M1: Asked me about my hobbies /daily activities.
ME: Surfing internet, reading novels.

M1: What are the novels that you have read recently?
ME: Told them.

M1: What other novels have you read from the same author?
ME: Replied.

M2: Do you know who is the author of ‘Satanic Verses’?
ME: Replied correctly.

M1: Asked if I have read any Odia novels? (Odia is my regional language)
ME: replied with a ‘no’.

M3: Asked me what is Rheostat? (As I am from electrical engineering background)
ME: I answered.

M3: What does a ‘unit’ mean in an electric meter?
ME: I replied but he was expecting for his own word something different. After some discussions I gave his answers.

M3: What’s the difference between AC and DC current?
ME: Answered correctly.

M4: What is economic survey? Who compiled it & who represent it parliament and when?
ME: Answered correctly but he somewhat pressured me if my answer is correct.

F: Do you know what is banking ombudsman?
ME: Answered but she somewhat not satisfied.

F: Is there any time limit to resolve a complaint in this scheme? When should one approach ombudsman?
ME: Answered correctly.

M1: Who are the famous personalities of your hometown?
ME: Answered but missed the name of one of the most famous person which he added the name subsequently during the discussion.

At last M1 asked me what do you think how us your interview performance.
ME: I think it was a nice interview.

M1: Are you feeling comfortable here?
ME: Replied affirmatively and told them u all were very cooperative.

M2: How do you rate your performance?
ME: Out of 10 somewhat between 7 and 8 with a smile. They also laughed.

The interview conversation was mostly in Odia and English. The interview lasted somewhat about 15 minutes.

All The Best Abinash Supakar!

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