How To Start IBPS Preparation Based On Latest SBI Pattern

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As always this time also the toughest exam in banking sector SBI PO baffled everyone and the name trendsetter completely fits SBI as every other banking exam follow the same pattern asked in SBI. So, it becomes really important to know about SBI PO pattern and work accordingly for upcoming exams especially IBPS PO preparation. According to the tentative calendar of IBPS,  Preliminary and Mains Exam for IBPS PO recruitment will take place tentatively in the month of October and November respectively. So, this is a good news as you all have a lot of time to get familiar with this new pattern and practice it.

Now the question comes that what is the new pattern now after SBI PO Mains 2017 and from where to practice it? 
Firstly, talking about the pattern change there is lots of change in pattern in every section but the most we saw in English as every topic comes with some twist in that this time. The biggest change we saw in quantitative aptitude as that it not the only game of Data Interpretation, simplification/approximation, Number Series and quadratic equation/inequalities. If you need to score in this section you must practice miscellaneous topics like CI, SI, Profit Loss, Time and Work, Time Speed Distance, Probability etc. The Data Interpretation came in SBI PO this time were on miscellaneous topic and there were no questions from simplification/approximation so it becomes necessary to practice all topics you as don’t have the choice to leave any topic.
Coming to English section this section comes up with lots of twists but the basic for this section remains the same i.e. vocabulary, grammar knowledge, and comprehension skill if you have these in you, you can deal with any type of questions. In reading comprehension, they’ve written Paragraph1, Pragraph2, etc before each para of the RC and a new question of paragraph connector was asked. Also in error detection, there were 4 questions from the old pattern and 4 were from the new in which one is like you have to identify the error in a part of the sentence. In sentence rearrangement questions asked in such a manner that if a particular sentence if the last sentence then which of the following does not fit the context of passage; or then what will be the order of rearrangement. So, all these brings just some twists and difficulty to the questions but the concept remain same and one can have a good hold on these types of questions just by practising.

If we talk about reasoning this section is turning toward puzzle section from reasoning one. There are lots of puzzles asked in this even direction based questions were in form of a puzzle. Puzzles were based on a calculation which was time-consuming also there was machine input-output with the diagrammatic input-output question where candidates themselves had to deduce the logic and relation from figures/ numbers in the diagram. This is something which was never asked before in any banking exam.
This was all about the new pattern and but the second question remains unanswered that from where to practice these types of questions as practice is the only key to defeat these types of questions. We Adda247 has provided you with the memory based question asked in SBI PO Mains 2017 that will be very helpful to one preparing for IBPS PO 2017. Also practice more and more questions of the new pattern attempt mock test based on SBI PO Mains 2017. We are providing all those types of questions asked in SBI PO Mains 2017 in our test series. Attempt daily quizzes of bankersadda which will help you to become more familiar with new types of questions. 
As you have time for IBPS PO 2017 so start now and if your basics are not good first improve that and then further move to the high level of questions but in any case do practice.  To learn concepts of different topics and to learn short tricks and how to solve various problems do watch Adda247 youtube lectures on different topics. Give more and more practice set, try to practice online and onscreen as it will help you in the real exam if you are in habit of reading on screen. For English read more and more that will help you to build up good comprehension skill, understand the concept of grammar and try to improve your vocab. 
Don’t be seated now start your preparation now without any delay somewhere someone is getting ahead of you and just get that 1 seat reserved for you.
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