IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Mains Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 14th September 2019

IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Quantitative Quiz
Do you follow a proper strategy or Study Plan for IBPS RRB Mains 2019? Are you aiming IBPS RRB 2019 this time? If yes, then this is the section which can help you to do wonders if practiced well. A good attempt with a mix of accuracy can help you fetch good marks. The reasoning is a game of wits and mind. It is all about logics that a question may have. Speed and accuracy are what that matters the most in this section. The only way to achieve an ambitious goal is by practicing only. So, attempt the quiz of Reasoning ability that inculcates the important questions from the important topics. Do not miss out to practice the Quantitative Aptitude Quiz that is being provided on Bankersadda.



Q1. A solid sphere iron ball having radius of 12 cm melted and re- casted into a hollow cylindrical vessel of uniform thickness. If external radius of the base of cylindrical vessel is 10 cm and its height is 64 cm, then find the uniform thickness of the cylindrical vessel?
(a) 2 cm
(b) 1 cm
(c) 2.5 cm
(d) 2.25 cm
(e) None of these

Q2. Anurag and Yuvraj entered into partnership with Rs. 1400 and Rs. 1200 respectively. After three months, Anurag withdrew two-sevenths of his initial investment but after another three months Anurag puts back three-fifth of what he had withdrawn. The total profit at the end of the year is Rs. 14520. Find profit of Anurag?
(a) 7200 Rs.
(b) 7320 Rs.
(c) 14640 Rs.
(d) 7620 Rs.
(e) 7820 Rs.

Q4. Find total number of Redmi mobiles sold by all three shops?
(a) 306
(b) 316
(c) 296
(d) 326
(e) 336

Q5. Total Honor mobile sold by B & C together is what percent of total Samsung mobiles sold by A?
(a) 250%
(b) 225%
(c) 270%
(d) 275%
(e) 265%

Q6. Find the ratio of total Samsung mobile sold by B & C together to total Honor mobiles sold by A, B & C together?
(a) 94 : 147
(b) 94 : 149
(c) 94 : 151
(d) 94 : 153
(e) None of these

S4. Ans(b)
Total number of Redmi mobiles sold by all three shops = 316

S6. Ans(a)
Total Samsung mobile sold by B & C = 184 + 192 = 376
Total Honor mobiles sold by A, B & C = 588
Required ratio = 376 : 588 = 94 : 147

Q7. Present age of Anurag is 12.5% more than that of Ayush and present age of Deepak is 12.5% less than that of Ayush. Ratio of present age of Dharmendra & Shivam is 4 : 3 and present age of Deepak is equal to age of Dharmendra four years hence. If average age of Dharmendra & Shivam after three years will be 24 years, then find average a8e of Anurag & Shivam after six years?
(a) 35 years
(b) 33 years
(c) 31 years
(d) 29 years
(e) 30 years

Q10. Marked price of article A is 75% of the marked price of article B. Shopkeeper sold article B at 8% more discount than that of A. Shopkeeper made a profit of 20% on selling article B and found that its cost price is equal to selling price of article A. If two successive discounts of 20% and 32.5% are given then article A will be sold at Rs. 972. Find the marked price of article B?
(a) Rs 3600
(b) Rs 4000
(c) Rs 3000
(d) Rs 2500
(e) Rs 2400

Direction (11-15): Read the given information carefully and answer the following questions. The given graph shows the profit percentage of three companies in different years.
Profit= Income- Expenditure and profit percentage is calculated using income as a reference.

Q11.What is the difference (in Rs. Lakhs) between the profits of A in 2000 and 2002? Assume that the expenditures of A in 2000 and 2002 were Rs. 9 lakhs and Rs. 10.2 lakhs respectively.
(a) Rs 72,000
(b) Rs 60,000
(c) Rs 75,000
(d) Rs 80,000
(e) Rs 90,000

Q12. The expenditure of B in 2004 was same as the expenditure of C in 2000, what was the ratio of the income of B in 2004 to that of C in 2000?
(a) 3: 2
(b) 1: 1
(c) 5: 4
(d) 2: 3
(e) None of these

Q13. The ratio of the incomes of A and B in 2008 was 5: 4. What was the ratio of the expenditure of A to that of B in that year?
(a) 10: 7
(b) 10: 9
(c) 5: 4
(d) 3: 2
(e) 6: 5

Q14. If the expenditure of A in 2002 was Rs 50 lakh and that of C and B together in that year is Rs 20 lakhs more than that of A, then what was the ratio of the income of A to that of B and C together?
(a) 4: 7
(b) 5: 8
(c) 5: 7
(d) 2: 3
(e) 5: 6

Q15.The sum of income of C in 2006 and that of B in 2010 is Rs 15 lakh and expenditure of B in 2010 is Rs 1.8 lakhs more than the expenditure of C in 2006 then find the difference of their income in the given year?
(a) 4.2 lakhs
(b) 4 lakhs
(c) 2.5 lakhs
(d) 3 lakhs
(e) 3.4 lakhs

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