IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Interview experience (Guntur)

Dear Readers,

Name: Tarun 
Date of Interview: 20th Jan, 2017
Venue: Chaitanya Godavari Grameena Bank, Guntur

I reached the venue by 7.30 in the morning. At about 8.00 they told to sit in waiting hall and gave us a white paper. They asked us to write anything in Telugu. I prepared about demonetization. So I wrote at. Then for about an hr Retired GM of the bank gave a speech to make us tension free. 

At about 9.45 my name was called for document verification. At about 10.20 my document verification completed and then I went for an interview in assigned panel. At about 10.45 they called me into the panel.

Panel consists of 6 members. 1 female and 5 male members. I went in and greeted each person individually. They said no need to greet individually.

Then they started asking questions

Q: Tell me about yourself?
A: I started to tell . Then they stopped me after graduation details.

Q: So, what you read and what we should ask you?
A.I told 3 issues

Q: There is an issue going on in Tamilnadu regarding Jallikattu, like that in AP also one issue is going on one sport. What is that? 
A: I said I didn’t recollect it sir. Then he gave a clue. Then I said Answer

Q: Asked How much time RBI Has given for NRIs and Indians who went abroad?
A: Answered one part and told didn’t know for second part

Q: In how many RBI branches we can exchange money? First tell does all RBIs exchange Specified Bank notes?
A: Answered

Q: As you are from EEE, tell me why current rates are increased now as there is surplus current in our state?
A: Didn’t answered.

Q: Tell me what is production and distribution?
A: Answered

Q: Now tell why Current rates increased ?
A: Answered now

Q: In how many ways electricity is produced?
A: Answered

Q: How many marks you are expecting?
A: Answered

Q: Since how many years you are writing bank exams?
A: Answered

Q: Have you undergone any Training?
A: Answered

Q: Is this your first interview? 
A: Answered

Q: Have you written gate?
A: Answered

Q: From 2 years what are you doing?
A: Answered

Q: Why you left your job in previous company?
A: Answered

Q: What is job satisfaction?
A: Answered.

Q: What is NPA?
A: Answered.

Okay Thank you, All the Best they said. I also wished them thank you. They seemed to be satisfied. They are very friendly in nature.

The final thing we should know is they are just testing our personality. They know we don’t know anything about banks.

All the best for IBPS PO aspirants

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