IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Interview experience (Mysore)

Name: Mohammed Hafeez Ahmed
Interview of IBPS RRB PO (Mysore)

The nodal bank that conducted interview is “Kaveri Grameena Bank”
There were 4 panels; my interview was at panel-2. There were 5 members in the panel (4 Male + 1 Female).
They are seated in this order (M1, M2, M3, F1, and M4) – M4 was sitting a side of table (little ‘bit closer to me)

When I opened the door all of them were discussing something among themselves.
Me : Excuse Me Sir…!!
< No one noticed>
Me : Excuse Me Sir…  
<This time madam noticed me (smiled at me) and asked me to come in>
I was carrying a file (original mark memos) with me.

M1 : He asked me to keep that file a side on the table.
Me: Gently I have kept the file on table and greeted them with a smile (Greeted once by maintaining eye contact with all male’s)
Good Morning Mam’ Good Morning Sir.

M3 : M3 & F1 have asked me to take my seat.

Me : Said Thank you Mam and sat on it.

F1 : You are Mohammed Hafeez Ahmed right ??

Me : Yes Mam’

M3 : just tell us about your graduation stream, Passed out year & college name.

Me : started well but messed up at end by including other details also like project, native place and what I did after B.tech… (Little bit got tensed here)

M3 : what about family..?

Me : started answering with slightly in tensed manner..!!  and concluded well.

M3 : Why didn’t you opt for higher education i.e. M.Tech ??

Me : I am neither interested in teaching profession nor in core side jobs sir. I want to start my career ASAP that’s why I didn’t opt for it sir. (said this in a confused manner)

M3 : Ahmed..!! Well… did you remember something about your subjects?? Shall I ask few questions..??

F1 : Had Breakfast ??

Me :  Yes mam..! At this time I took a long breath and made myself comfortable with them..!! and answered yes sir (with little bit confidence)

M3 : What is your favourite subject?

Me : Communications sir

M3 : What is Digital communication & analog communication?

Me : Explained them in detail along with (modulation types)

M3 : Which one is secure?? Analog or Digital??

Me : As we can encode digital signals with various techniques, Digital Communication is safer sir…

M2 : How data transfers in Optical fiber cable?

Me : Data travels in the form of light sir.. With the phenomenon of TIR (Total internal reflection)
< I have noticed that M4 was watching my body language>

M3 : What have you prepared about banking ?

Me : Sir, I have prepared about RBI, Its functions and about monetary policy.

M3 : Explain functions of RBI..!

<M4 suddenly interrupted me and asked me to tell only about Repo Rate>
Me : I have explained them very well about 2 minutes and included about LAF and then concluded with MSF & Bank Rate.

M3 & M4 : Good, Very Good..!!

Me : smiled at them by maintaining eye contact.

F1 : You see, You will be posted in rural areas how will you handle you job there ?? or how you will contribute to the bank ??

Me : explained clearly.. & included points like (rural people have internal fear to approach banks.. If we, as bankers get down a step & communicate friendly with them then they feel comfortable to approach bank. First I will try to remove the internal fear in them) <I have included this because I have seen in my village many people they have certain fear of approaching bank due lo illiteracy >

F1 : Good

M1 : Can you name some private banks in India??
Me : Yes Sir.. ICICI, HDFC, ….

M4 : What is the interest rate on savings account??

Me : initially it was 4% and later it was de-regulated by RBI sir. Now Banks can fix their own interest rate on savings account.

M4 : Then… can we fix 8% ??

Me : Yes sir.. we can.. But, if we do like that then cost of funds of bank will increase which will invariably effect the net interest margin. It will be a threat to bank

M4 : Yes.., Very Good…!!

M1 : What is Financial inclusion?

Me : Explained them in detail.. along with Deepak Mohanty committee. 

M2 : Good..!!

<I have stated – providing financial services to each and every individual>
M4 : corrected me by saying its not individuals. its to every household.

Me : Thank you sir

M1 : What are covered under financial services?? Name few services.

Me : Opening bank accounts (zero balance), providing life insurance, accidental insurance etc..

M2 : asked some question.. “I did not understand it”

Me : sir.. didn’t understood sir..!!

M2 : repeated it… (again I didn’t understood it)

Me : Sorry, sir.. I have no idea about it. (I have thought that if I ask him once again there may be any negative impact on me so I have said like this)

M2 : Its ok no problem (said with a smiling face)

<all of the panel members looked at each other and nodded head among themselves  then said you can leave now>

Me : With a smiling face greeted them thank you mam’, thank you sir and stood up.

F1 : wait a minute.. what about kannada (as local language was kannada they asked this) ??

<Answered this by standing itself>
Me : I can write and read in kannada madam. But, I can’t speak this language mam. I am confident that I will learn speaking also with in no time mam.

F1 : you will be given 6 months’ time after joining & you have to be proficient in kannada.

Me : Sure.. mam’ I have started learning this language from last 1 month madam. Within 1 month I have learnt how to read and how to write. If I be in Kannada speaking environment then within no time I will learn speaking also mam’

F1 : Okay then..!! Don’t wait till results are out..! start from now itself, make an habit of  watching kannada channels and movies. It would be helpful (Said with a smiling face).

Me : Thank you mam’ thank you very much

M4 : Will you play any games ??

Me : Yes sir.. I Love to play chess

M4, M1, M3, F1 :- you may leave now
<looked at every one’s face they looked like they were satisfied with me. By giving a gentle smile turned around and walked away slowly>

Over all my interview was Good. It lasted for 12-15 minutes. Panel members were friendly 

All the best for IBPS PO aspirants
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