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IBPS RRB PO 2018 Interview Experience: Gowri Manohar.M


Name- Gowri Manohar.M
Venue-Vidhya Engineering college, Viruthunagar, Tamil Nadu
The interview took place in the Tamil Language, Here I’ve tried to translate is as best as I could have. I’ve read more than 30 interview experiences before going for an interview and now it’s time I give something back. It might be longer than your usual interview experience. bear with me, you might learn a little bit more. I don’t wanna bore you with details of smooth verification of documents because the interesting part comes after.
(Guys/girls reach one hour before reporting time & get the verification done)
My interview started at 2.35 pm. In my panel except me the rest of them were girls.(nearly 15). The guy who was organising the duplicate certificates infront of the door asked me: “sir, do you wanna go first, because rest of them are girls or do you wanna stay?”
Showing bravery at a stupid time “if you are sending me next, it’s fine by me”.(one girl already went in) Then he replied, “Ok sir I’ll send you after the next girl.” And then came my turn. I opened the door asked if I may come inside? One of the interviewers replied, “Yes you may.” I closed the door slowly behind me.
(Panel Members: 1 female and 4 male)
I was going to say good afternoon but M3 interrupted 
M3- are you Gowri Manohar?
Me-yes sir
M3- ok you may take your seat
Me-thank you sir… good afternoon sirs good afternoon mam.
(When I wished her she smiled, my confidence booster up a little.)
And the trouble started
M3- ok tell me about yourself 
The first and important rule of the interview is not to show nervousness when you speak. But showing that I was nervous was the first thing I did… I would’ve proposed to a girl easily after attending that interview. I started like this,
I Gowri Manohar 2nd son of my father (struggled a lot after, taking deep breaths-panel members knows I was starting to get nervous) my father is in textile business, my mom’s is a homemaker, my brother is in United states(this is where the nervousness took a toll me)
The panel member were really (I mean it) really helpful as they said “Calm yourself. you are telling about your family not anything/anyone else.” I picked myself up. I took a deep breath. I started again. I never showed any sort of nervousness after that. If Chandler (a character from an American TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S) saw the way I answered he would’ve said “BULLETS WOULD’VE LEFT THE GUN SLOWER” I was answering like that.
Me-yes(after picking myself up) my sister-in-law is a homemaker too.i graduated in December 2014. I’ve been studying for bank exam since then and this is my first interview sir.
F1- so this is your third attempt?
Me- no ma’am this is my fourth .
M1-so this is your first interview?(in a surprising tone).
Me-yes sir

M2- so you Said your father is doing textile business is it power looms?
Me- he used power looms once but he is using autolooms now.
M2- difference b/w power looms and autolooms
Me- the latter requires less man power than the former sir.(expect a question from your father’s occupation)
M2 asked me about the business and I answered. M2- ok what is the economic things in your districts.
Me- (I expected this question too). Lorry building,eggs and tapioca sir.
M2- ok who decides the price of the eggs?
Me- (wasn’t expected this.. ) I don’t know who’s deciding the price sir. but if the cost of transport and petrol gets higher the eggs rates will rise too.
(He was satisfied)
M1- except agriculture what loans are we giving?
Me- I answered because I saw their website which loans were they giving(I recommend you do see the website before going for the interview)
M2- tell me something about SHG and JLG
Me- former is group of ten to twenty women work together to help children’s education reducing poverty etc in thier area and latter is same as former but it was formed just to get loans from bank. SHG get loans from what they’ve deposited in their account as guarantee.
M2- so how much loan do they get from that deposits?
Me- (I was blinking I shouldn’t have said about loan based on their deposits so guys be carefully when you could backfire.)
M1- ok lets assume they have 1lacks in their account how much will they give loan?
Me- (blinking again) sorry sir I do not know the exact amount.
M3- so what do you know about secured and unsecured loans.? Have you heard about it?
Me- (I was making a thinking face) no sir I haven’t heard about it.
M3- the word itself gives the answer.
Me-(I gave a try). Secured loan is with guarantee and unsecured loan is without guarantee.
M2- with guarantee means personal guarantee?
Me- no sir mortgage sir(everyone is satisfied with the answer)
M5- ok tell me an example for unsecured loan.
Me- loans given to JLG sir.
M5 looked at me like ‘wow, that was clever’ and he shook his head up and down with a satisfactory smile

M4- so you are a mechanical engineer tell about a CNC machine
Me- sir should I say what is CNC or should I explain it.
M5- derivate and explain in one minute
Me- (I explained it first) when manufacturing, some products need dies and dies can be produced by CNC machine.while making a die manually lots of man power needed. But in CNC once programmed the machine will do everything up to finishing (after explaining I made a thinking face for derivation )
M5- it’s ok you don’t have to say the derivation
(When these types of questions were asked go for something you know you might get lucky like me and a clever one would’ve noticed the similarities between a CNC machine and an autoloom both work with less man power. So expect these types of questions too)
M1- though you put pallavan bank as your preference will you work if you were posted in pandiyan bank?
Me-(bluntly) yes sir(always say yes to these type of questions)

M1- managers are getting into trouble by giving loans to those who can’t pay back. Don’t do the same mistake when you get selected.ok?
Me-(what more do I need than hearing those words-i know it could mean two things) ok sir.

M1- ok all the best you can go
F1- interrupted do you have IBPS main exam on Sunday?
Me- yes ma’am
F1- ok do well all the best
Me- thank sirs thank you madam have a nice day and I left

Overall it was a fun filled interview. I have only one thing to say BE YOURSELF.

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