IBPS PO Prelims Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 30th August 2019

| Updated On September 9th, 2019 at 03:22 pm


IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

With the increasing level in exams, quantitative aptitude has become the ineluctable hitch. Generally, questions asked in this section are calculative and lengthy that consumes your time. This subject can do wonders if you always keep a check on your accuracy, speed and time. Accuracy is what matters the most. To help you prepare the section we have provided a well-defined IBPS PO Prelims Study Plan. You can also Prepare from the study note to clear your basic concepts. Attempt this quantitative aptitude quiz and check your performance for the upcoming IBPS PO Prelims Study Plan 2019. Following is the quiz of 29th August, that inculcate the important topic from Mensuration and Approximation.
Q1. A hemispherical bowl of internal diameter 54 cm contains a liquid, The liquid is to be filled in cylindrical bottles of radius 3 cm and height 6 cm. How many bottles are required to empty the bowl?

(a) 221
(b) 343
(c) 81
(d) 243
(e) 283

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Q2. The area of rectangular field is thrice of a square field. Length of rectangular field is 40 cm and breadth is 3/2 times of the side of square. Then find the sum of the cost of gravelling both the fields at the rate of Rs. 12.5/m2 and the difference between cost of fencing of these fields at the rate of Rs. 7.25/m. 
(a) Rs. 20000, Rs. 445
(b) Rs. 24000, Rs. 435
(c) Rs. 24000, Rs. 445
(d) Rs. 20000, Rs. 435
(e) None of these

Q3. The internal and external diameters of a hollow hemispherical vessel are 24 cm and 25 cm respectively. The cost of painting of the surface is Rs. 0.05. Find the approximate total cost of painting the vessel all over.
(a) Rs. 100
(b) Rs. 86
(c) Rs. 184
(d) Rs. 96
(e) Rs 108

Q4. A rectangular plot has a concrete path running in the middle of the plot parallel to the breadth of the plot. The rest of the plot is used as a lawn, which has an area of 240 sq. m. If the width of the path is 3 m and the length of the plot is greater than its breadth by 2 m, what is the area of the rectangular plot ? (in sq. m.)  
(a) 255
(b) 168
(c) 288
(d) 360
(e) 224

Q5. Total surface area of a cylinder mounted with a hemispherical bowl on one end is 2552 cm². If height of cylinder is 8 cm then find the volume of the solid body?(in cm3)
(a) 10443 1/3
(b) 10677 1/3
(c) 10547 1/3
(d) 10977 1/3
(e) 10787 1/3

Q6. The surface area of a sphere is 423.5 cm2 less than total surface area of a hemisphere. If ratio between radius of hemisphere and sphere is 3 : 2, then find the radius of hemisphere?
(a) 5.5 cm
(b) 5 cm
(c) 4 cm
(d) 7 cm
(e) 10.5 cm

Q7. The dimensions of a field are 20 m and 9 m. A pit 10 m long, 4.5 m wide and 3 m deep is dug in one corner of the field and the earth (mud) removed has been evenly spread over the remaining area of the field. What will be the rise in the height of field as a result of this operation ?
(a) 1.5 m
(b) 2 m
(c) 3 m
(d) 4m
(e) 1 m

Q8. If the volume and curved surface area of a cylinder 616 and 352m2 respectively, what is the total surface area of the cylinder 
(a) 429
(b) 419
(c) 435
(d) 421
(e) 417

Q9. A cylindrical jar, whose base has a radius of 15 cm is filled with water up to a height of 20 cm. A solid iron spherical ball of radius 10 cm is dropped in the jar to submerge completely in water. Find the increase in the level of water (in cm) is 

Q10. The difference between the outside and inside surface of a cylindrical metallic pipe, 14 cm long, is. If the pipe is made of  of metal. Find the outer radius of the pipe? 
(a) 2 cm
(b) 2.5 cm
(c) 4 cm
(d) 5 cm
(e) 3 cm

Direction (11 – 15): What approximate value will come in the place of question (?) mark:

Q11.   66.99% of 1799.98 + (?)2 +  6.98 % of  599.99 = (37.98)2
(a) 10
(b) 14
(c) 18
(d) 22
(e) 26

(a) 280
(b) 308
(c) 336
(d) 252
(e) 224

(a) 12
(b) 16
(c) 19
(d) 25
(e) 29

(a) 864
(b) 816
(c) 768
(d) 720
(e) 672

Q15.     587.99 + 233.99 – ? = 13.98 % of 4999.93
(a) 98
(b) 84
(c) 122
(d) 72
(e) 108