IBPS SO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 24th December 2019

24th December IBPS SO Quant Quiz

 Quantitative Aptitude is the most dreaded subject among the aspirants. If one has to sail through any prestigious exam, quant is the ineluctable hitch. Due to the rising difficulty bar and complexity of questions, it has become necessary for students to be ahead of the examination pattern. Practicing from a different variety of questions can help you sail through any competitive exam. As IBPS SO PRELIMS is approaching shortly, to help you tackle this section, Adda247 is providing you  daily quizzes of Quantitative Ability  with the number of updated questions on a daily basis to keep you updated with the difficulty level and types of questions that may be asked in the exam. So practice with the different types of questions to be in the race.


Q1. A man covers a certain distance in 26/2 hours If the speed is increased by 13 kmph then it will take 13/6 hours less to cover the same distance. Find the distance covered by man?
(a) 169 km
(b) 320 km
(c) 338 km
(d) 280 km
(e) 312 km

Q3. Aryan, Veer and Raghav invested Rs. 8000, (8000 + x) and (8000 + 2x) respectively in a business. If at the end of the years the profit of Raghav is Rs. 5772 out of total profit of Rs. 14430, then find out the amount invest by Raghav?
(a) Rs. 9200
(b) Rs. 8400
(c) Rs. 14400
(d) Rs. 12000
(e) Rs. 9800

Q4. Ratio between length of two trains is 1 : 2 and speed of two trains is 120 km/hr & 108 km/hr respectively and both trains running in same direction cross each other in 108 sec. find out the time taken by both trains to cross each-other if both trains run in different direction at 3/5 th and 2/3 rd of their speed respectively?
(a) 11 sec
(b) 9 sec
(c) 13 sec
(d) 10 sec
(e) 12 sec

Q5. A and B started a joint business. A’s investment was 2 times more than the investment of B and the period of his investment was 5/3 times the period of investment of B. If A got Rs 60500 as a profit, then what will be 100/11% of total profit.
(a) Rs. 7200
(b) Rs. 7600
(c) Rs. 6600
(d) Rs. 7000
(e) Rs. 9200

Q6. In a partnership A and B invest Rs.15000 & Rs.20000 respectively. After four months, A withdraws 20% of his investment, again after four months he reinvest 60% of what he withdraws four months ago. At the end of the year, they get Rs.15750 as total profit. If profit has to be distributed in the ratio of their investments, then find profit share of A.
(a) Rs 7280
(b) Rs 6540
(c) Rs 6375
(d) Rs 6850
(e) None of these

Q7. Ratio of investment of Rohit and Mohit in a business is 3 : 5. If Rohit invested for 5 months and Mohit for ‘T’ months then ratio of profit of Rohit to total profit is 1 : 5. Find value of ‘T’?
(a) 10
(b) 20
(c) 15
(d) 8
(e) 12

Q8. A and B entered into a partnership with capital in the ratio 5 : 9. After 3 months, A withdrew 1/3 of his capital and B withdraw 1/5 of his capital at the end of 4 months. At the end of the year, profit share of B was Rs. 729 more than profit share of A. Then find the total profit of business?
(a) Rs. 2050
(b) Rs. 2079
(c) Rs. 1635
(d) Rs. 2400
(e) Rs. 2486

Q9. A train covers certain distance in two parts. Distance covered in first part is 150% more than the distance covered in second part while ratio of speed of train in first part to second part is 2 : 3. If average speed of train is 63 km/hr, then find the speed of train in first part? (in kmph)
(a) 47
(b) 57
(c) 50
(d) 30
(e) 80

Q10. To cover a certain distance ‘D’, slower train took 15/4 hours more than the faster train. If speed of slower train is 20% less than faster train then find the time taken by slower train to cover the same distance ‘D’.
(a) 6 hours
(b) 18 hours
(c) 18.75 hours
(d) 12.5 hours
(e) 15.5 hours

Directions (11-15): Read the data carefully and answer the question.
There are some candidates who have filled application form for admission. Out of total filled application, there are four categories i.e. ST, SC, OBC and UR. Out of total application, 20% application are filled by ST candidates in which ratio of application filled by boys to girl is 5 : 1. 25% of remaining filled application filled by SC candidates and total application filled by girls in SC category is 63 more than total application filled by girls in ST category. of remaining application are filled by OBC category candidates, while ratio of boys to girls is 9 : 5 in total applications filled by OBC candidates. The ratio of girls to boys in total applications filled by UR candidates is 1 : 2 and total number of application filled by girls in all the categories is 406.

Q11. Find ratio of total applications filled by SC girls to total applications filled by OBC boys?
(a) 4 : 9
(b) 2 : 9
(c) 1 : 9
(d) 5 : 9
(e) 7 : 9

Q12. Find average number of applications filled by boys of SC, ST & OBC categories?
(a) 182
(b) 186
(c) 188
(d) 192
(e) 196

Q13. Total applications filled by OBC boys candidates is what percent less than total application filled by SC & OBC girls candidates?
(a) 15%
(b) 5%
(c) 12%
(d) 7%
(e) 10%

Q14. Total applications filled by UR boys are how much more than total applications filled by SC boys?
(a) 151
(b) 161
(c) 165
(d) 167
(e) 177

Q15. Find total applications filled by boys candidates?
(a) 854
(b) 848
(c) 844
(d) 828
(e) 832



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