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India Gallops to Glory: Equestrian Gold at Asian Games After 41-Year Wait!

A Victorious Conquer Of India

India has showcased its triumph by claiming the team dressage gold in equestrian sport at the Asian Games on 26 September 2023. The country has bagged this miraculous and eminent victory after a 41-year-long wait. This winning situation has brought glorious feelings among all Indians, and the following continental event has sparked an aura of positivity and great motivation. The respective team has been comprised of leading spirits, including Divyakriti Singh, Adrenalin Firfod, Hriday Vipul Chhed, and Anush Agarwalla. The team has aggregated 209.205 percentage points and darted their significant roles to win.

Commitment Of A Versatile Team!

Conquering the Equestrian Gold in the 19th Asian Games was not easy. It was the result of devoted practice and the soulful commitment of the team. The team has been consisting of eminent players such as Divyakriti Singh, Hriday Vipul, Anush Agarwalla, and more. Sudipti Hajela was also an effective part of the versatile team. However, the top three scores have been counted. The competition was tough, and each of the players showcased their prominence and dedication towards the sport. China was the second country with a percentage point of 204.882, and on the other hand, Hong Kong grasped the Bronze with a great percentage point of 204.852.

History Has Been Repeated

The Equestrian Gold at the Asian Games has brought great enthusiasm for the whole nation as this history has been awaited for a long time. This is the first time the Indian team has grasped gold in a dressage event. If we talk about history, India grabbed a bronze during the 1986 edition.  Formerly, India won a gold in Equestrian during the 1982 Asian Games conducted in New Delhi. So, this historical achievement is a marvelous victory for the whole nation, and it has also marked a moment of celebration for the team as well.

A brief Information About Asian Games 2023

The Asian Games has been scheduled to be conducted from 23 September and will continue till 8 October 2023. This grand sporting event will showcase the diverse nature of around 40 sports and 61 disciplines in total. India has already implemented a great record in the Asian Games, and the country’s compelling achievement has always shocked everyone. The following 2023 games will be portraying athletic elements and cultural features, where various representatives of Asian countries will compete with each other.

Since 1982, the Olympic Council of Asia has been conducting the Asian Games. This diversifying game is known to be a continental multi-sport occasion, which is conducted every four years. Let us see how this 19th edition of the Asian Games will signify the prowess and competitive level of Indian teams.


India Gallops to Glory: Equestrian Gold at Asian Games After 41-Year Wait!_4.1


Who won Gold in equestrian team dressage at Asian Games?

India won Gold in equestrian team dressage at Asian Games.

How many sports events are there in Asian Games?

A total number of 40 sports and 61 disciplines will be showcased in the Asian Games.