Inequality Questions For IBPS RRB Exam 2020: Reasoning Inequality Question & Answer PDF

Inequality Questions for IBPS RRB Exam 2020- Inequality is one of the most important topic from exam point of view as it carries around 5 questions for 5 marks. With the right tricks and strategy you can easily score these 5 marks  in less than a minute. In this space we are giving you best tips and tricks and also details about the Inequality so you know what we are discussing about along with that we are also providing you the Free PDF to practice from what you have learned so far. Make sure you understand the concept first and then only start practicing from the PDF.  

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Inequality : The Concept Of Sign

Given below are the signs that are used while solving the questions based on Inequality. There are certain tricks related to them and one must keep them in mind while solving this topic.

Sign 1 Sign 2 Conclusion
> > >
< < <
< > No Conclusion
< = <
> = >
= = =
> > & = >
< < & = <
> & = < & = No Conclusion

How To Use Symbols:

1) >  ≥ =
For ex- If    M>N≥O=P
               Then, M> N and M>N
2)  <  ≤ =
For ex- If   D <C≤B=A
              Then, D<C and D<A
3) >  < (No relation)
For ex- If G>F<E
As per the rules, there will be no relation between E and G
4) >  ≤ (No relation)
For ex- If H>J≤O
As per the rules, there will be no relation between O and H.
5) <  > (No relation)
For ex- If S<P>M
Then there will be no relation between S and M.
6) <  ≥ (No relation)
For ex- If C<B≥A
Then there will be no relation between A and C.

Either- or case:  In this case, there are two conditions that should be meet and they are as given below:

  • 1st condition for “either-or” is both conclusions should be wrong.
  • 2nd condition is that variables of both conclusions should be same.

Now that you have understood the concept and points that one must keep in mind while practicing this topic, It’s time to practice it with the help of the free PDF as given below:

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