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Input and Output Devices of Computer, List, Difference and Examples

A Brief Introduction About Input and Output Devices Of Computer

A computer is known to be an integral part of our lives, and somehow, it has made our lives easy with its world-class accessibility.  Computers are basically electronic machines that work as per the commands of the users. It has been made of several parts and systems to process authentically. A computer system mainly consists of memory, a central processing unit, input and output devices, and storage. These parts access altogether to function effectively and deliver the desired results to the audiences. In this post, we will mainly talk about the Input and Output Devices of Computers, along with their differences and examples. These parts are known to be important aspects of a computer, and every student should be aware of these devices’ functionalities.

Inputs and Outputs

Before processing the whole topic, let us make you aware of the briefs of Inputs and Outputs. So, in general, inputs are considered to be the set of commands given to the computer by the users. On the other hand, output is known to be the results that come from the processing of the computer as per the commands of inputs. A user has to access some set of rules and deliver the command to the computer in the form of information. The following computer will understand it and will give the output as per its understanding.

What Are Input Devices?

We have already discussed the eminence of input, and now it’s time for you to understand the importance of Input devices.

  • Devices that are utilized to input the information or the program into the computer are termed input devices.
  • Such devices also help in giving certain instructions to the computer.
  • For example, the keyboard and microphones can be termed as input devices as we use the toe keyboard to input text and to input any audio; we use microphones, respectively.
  • There is a wide range of input devices available for a computer system to deliver worthy results.

What Are Output Devices?

The ultimate devices through which we can get the desired results from a computer system are known as output devices.

  • A device that is practically utilized to transfer data from a computer to another device is termed an output device.
  • Some of the effective examples of output devices will be printers, monitors, speakers, and more.
  • The following devices are ones in which we see the desired results.
  • A broad range of output devices are available which are used effectively.

Difference Between Input and Output Devices Of Computer

Here, we have listed some effective differences you can find between input and output devices. You can go through this comparison list to unveil more details about these devices.

Difference Between Input and Output Devices
Input Devices Output Devices 
It is known to be a hardware device utilized to insert data or commands into the computer. It is known to be a hardware component that uses the data to process the right results as per the commands.
It is capable of transferring data to other devices but can’t receive any information from it. Output devices can gather data from different devices and can access results through them.
These devices are necessary for a computer to receive the commands properly and tailor the absolute results. These devices are needed if a computer demands to share any results. A user can prompt additional authorities through it.
The users control input devices. The computers generally hold output devices.
Input devices perform complex coding to process the activity. In the output devices, users will be able only to see the results. So, no complicated processes are required.

Examples of Input and Output Devices Of A Computer

Here, we are listing some examples that come under the categories of Input and Output devices. We will be elaborating on the criteria for your knowledge as well.

Input and Output Devices Of A Computer 
Input Devices  Output Devices
Mouse Printer
Keyboard Monitor
Microphone Projector
Scanner Optical Mark Readers
Joystick Speaker
Light Pen Headphones

Input Devices:

Go through the brief descriptions of Input Devices.

Mouse: Mouse is one of the commonly used input devices. We use it to scroll through our monitor. The mouse consists of two buttons: the left and the right click. You can also find a wheel in between the two clicks to scroll.

Keyboard: Keyboard is one of the common aspects that can be found within every computer system. This input device is used to insert text into the computer.

Scanner: Scanners are the kind of input devices that allow hardcopy documents to be converted into digital files.

Output Devices:

Go through the brief descriptions of Output Devices.

Printer: A printer is a type of output device that accepts graphic and text output from a computer system. It works as per the commands of the system and gives desirable results.

Monitor: A monitor is specifically a display that showcases the screen of a computer. It basically looks like the screen of a television.

Speakers: Speakers are nowadays getting used in a vast range. Through this output device, you can easily listen to the audio or video file transferred through a computer.


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Where to get all the details about Input and Output Devices of Computer?

The article above have listed all the details related to Input and Output Devices of Computer.

What are input devices?

Input devices are used to insert programs or any data into a computer with proper commands.

What are output devices?

Through output devices you can view the desired results in a computer.

What are some examples of Input devices?

Some examples of input devices are Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Microphone etc.

What are some examples of Output devices?

Some examples of output devices are Speaker, Monitors, Printers, and Projectors.