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International Dance Day 2023, Date, Theme & History

International Dance Day 2023

International Dance Day, also known as World Dance Day, is celebrated annually on April 29 worldwide. It serves as a special day of celebration to recognize and appreciate the value and significance of the art of Dance.. It recognizes dance as a powerful tool for stress relief, self-expression, the celebration of happiness, and a means of fostering connection and togetherness among people. The space below has all the information on International Dance Day 2023.

International Dance Day 2023: History

International Dance Day was established by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), which is the main partner for performing arts of UNESCO, in 1982. The date of April 29th was chosen to commemorate the birthday of Jean Georges Noverre, a renowned innovator and scholar of dance who is credited with creating a modern ballet. Dance is celebrated on this day as one of the most dynamic and expressive forms of art, offering numerous benefits to individuals and communities.

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Prominent Indian  Dance

Dance Form Region of Origin Key Features
Bharatanatyam Tamil Nadu Intricate footwork, expressive gestures, elaborate costumes
Kathak Northern India Fast-paced footwork, graceful movements, storytelling aspect
Kathakali Kerala Colorful costumes, elaborate makeup, intricate facial expressions
Odissi Odisha Graceful movements, storytelling aspect, use of sculpturesque poses
Kuchipudi Andhra Pradesh Combination of dance and theater, intricate footwork, lively expressions
Manipuri Manipur Graceful movements, unique costumes, devotional themes
Mohiniyattam Kerala Lyrical movements, feminine grace, storytelling aspect
Sattriya Assam Devotional themes, use of masks, rhythmic footwork
Yakshagana Karnataka Folk dance-drama, elaborate makeup, colorful costumes
Chhau Eastern India Martial arts-inspired, acrobatic movements, colorful masks
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When was the first International Dance Day is celebrated?

The first international dance day was celebrated on 29th April 1982.

What is the history of international dance day?

The article above has the history of International Dance Day.