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International Day of Forests 2023, Theme, History and Significance

International Day of Forests 2023

Each year March 21 is celebrated as the International Day of Forests. The day aims to generate awareness about the importance of trees and the ecological significance that forests have in the environment.  Forests are crucial for life on earth and besides the generation of most essential oxygen, they are responsible for a number of environmental services that make life on earth a possibility. Here, in this article, we have all information on the International Day of Forests 2023 theme, history, and significance.

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International Day of Forests 2023 History

The Internation Day of Forest was first celebrated in 1971. It was an initiative of Food and Agricultural Organisation a specialized agency of the United Nations. The day was earmarked as a sign of respect and reverence for forests in our lives. It also seeks to generate awareness about the importance of trees and forests.

United Nations also declared the decade of 2011 to 2020 as the International Decade of Forets. Its purpose was to promote the United Nation’s environmental goals. Moreover, it aimed at facilitating global cooperation for the restoration of degraded and destroyed ecosystems. The International Day of Forests was regularised and celebrated on a specific day since 2012. It was an attempt to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests.

International Day of Forests 2023 Theme

The theme for International Day of Forests is released by United Nations. The theme for 2023 is “Forests and health.” As we all know good health is linked to forests. Forests not only give us clean air, water, food etc, but they are also a resource of traditional knowledge and medicines.

International Day of Forests 2023  Significance

Here is the significance of celebrating March 21 as Internation Day of Forests.

  1. To raise awareness about the role of forests.
  2. Highlight the importance of environmental sustainability in forest management.
  3. Bring into focus the importance that forests have in our lives.
  4. Highlight issues and concerns related to the global management of forests.
  5. Generate awareness about good examples and best practices in forest management.
  6. Initiate discussions on factors that have a negative impact on forest health.

Information On Indian Initiatives On International Day Of Forests

Here are some exam-worthy initiatives for forests in India.

  1. National Afforestation Programme (NAP) Scheme
  2. National Mission for a Green India (GIM)
  3. Forest Fire Prevention & Management Scheme (FFPM)
  4. National Forest Policy 1998
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When is the International Day of Forests 2023?

The International Day of Forests 2023 is celebrated on 21 March 2023.

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