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International Nurses Day 2023, Date, History & Significances

International Nurses Day 2023

Every year on May 12, International Nurses Day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and a pioneer in the field. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) prepares and distributes an International Nursing Day kit each year, including educational and public information materials for nurses worldwide. Nurses play a critical role in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and as the largest healthcare profession in the world, their contribution is essential to the success of global healthcare. In this post, we have covered all the information on International Nurses Day 2023.

International Nurses Day 2023: History

International Nurses Day has been observed every year on May 12th since 1965, as initiated by the International Council of Nurses (ICN). The date holds significant importance as it marks the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, who is widely regarded as the founder of modern nursing. Apart from being a nurse, she was also a social reformer who transformed nursing into a respected profession. The ICN prepares and distributes an International Nurses Day kit annually, comprising of educational and informative materials for nurses worldwide. As the largest healthcare profession globally, nurses play a pivotal role in accomplishing the millennium development goals.

International Nurses Day 2023:  Theme

The theme for International Nurses Day 2023 is ‘Our Nurses. Our Future.’  The aim of this theme is to bring into focus a global campaign that outlines the aspirations of nurses around the world for the future of nursing.

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When is International Nurses Day 2023?

The International Nurses Day 2023 is on 12 May 2023.